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Right back in the studio thanks. Jalen rose who's always great about Giving time on these kind of Interview requests and. He's a very very good podcasts. 'cause obviously water is wet. It's not really a big statement there Two people ended this podcast. So a big shoutout Tamale and Patrick Antonetti for for coming through We're taping this at a later in the day much different time than I usually Tape for this. If you like the conversation you just heard head to the sports media with Richard is page and last couple podcasts gas atom amine also of ESPN coming broadcaster. Jim Ross Fain wrestling swing announcer before that Joe Niessen who is Was a sports illustrated writer laid off by the Maven and has sort of updating us on what What life is like as a freelancer before that Joe buck the Fox announcer Before that James Andrew Miller who's also part of the cadence thirteen family and then just go through through basically the list of guest On this podcast. I think you will find A subject if you're interested in sports media that you like if you like it's GonNa stop please please Subscribe Leaves Five Star View. That is That is basically the wake this stuff. continues all right again for From Ali Patrick for everybody cage. Thirteen sports as podcast. Chris Corcoran Spencer. Brown John. McDermott Shaun Cherry. This is Richard will see again on the sports media podcast..

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