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Walked in giannis not happy to hear him and it started back in spring training and we were told we were it was sworn to us up and down those of us who are in the giants orbit that he was training down in the dr whatever while he was waiting his father's customs issues and visas and all that jazz a seventeen eighteen days later whatever his training is training he comes in and then he says that not training or something a affect affected the blisters and it's very frustrating and our good friend larry kruger will be coming in at ten o'clock with gary said that amongst the free agent starting pitchers who are still not free agent the starting pitchers who are in the rumor mill still left that he would take quite over all of them anc cueto definitely has the chevrons on the sleeve that he's earned a lot although a his world series performance with kansas city i think the bit bore a lot to be desired but he's do dot johnny cueto is in established veteran that has got all kinds of resume on non press man on a if you could say if he could be moved on to this premise if it i don't even no it's probably not legal but you do it into the table because people do sports as well the time is sure this johnny if you'll opt out like some team could i dunno if you could contact them but hey johnny you opt out a look we'll we'll rancher rumble renshi we just don't want four and eighty plus ryan of your right look rental wise yu darvish gonna be out there sunny yet can troll over sunny grab it you've got to give up a lot that's why all these things are different like when when we sit here and we talk deadline this guy could go here this guy to go here it's all over the internet they don't look at the intricacies of well this guy's got two years controls you've got to give up more prospects right this guy's earning rental this is this this time strict on this team.

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