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New Orleans mayor latoya Cantrell has issued a passionate open letter in reaction to recent events in protests W. wells Dave Cohen tells what she's saying the mayor says she supports protesters who want positive change in a way that respects the humanity and the integrity of all of our people and in a way that continues to insist that black lives matter Cantrell took issue with protesters coming to her home could not be about storming angrily into a residential neighborhood leaving my daughter feeling terrorized a twelve year old black girl the mayor says we have to be bigger than that we all have to be better than that you can read and hear the entire open letter online at W. W. L. dot com police reform hits Capitol Hill CBS news update Senate Republicans out today with a package of police reforms south Carolina's Tim Scott as point man for the legislation that could be acted on next week the answer to the question of which side do you support it I support America and if you support America you support restoring the calm if it is the communities of color have been in institutions of authority it does not go as far as a series of measures outlined by Democrats new York's Chuck Schumer is the Senate democratic leader of the democratic bill bans chuckles and other tactics that have killed black Americans the Republican bill purports to banjo Cole's only those that restrict air flow and not blood flow and provides exceptions when deadly force is needed in the market place pepsico and Quaker are pulling the image and name aunt Jemima from pancake and syrup packaging CBS news update I'm Steve K. for the surgeon water board of New Orleans says it has determined that turbine for losing power did not make flooding worse during last week's rainfall but it did make it take longer to pump the water out S. W. B. N. L. says the rain event timeline and photos from the real time crime center cameras show the waters it already reached their peak before turbine four went down as for why the turbine shut off officials say a safety mechanism shut down to prevent it from reaching its eighteen megawatt maximum a Louisiana house committee has approved a bill that would result in the state spending to ascending two hundred fifty dollar checks to some frontline employees who were required to work when the corona virus pandemic hit representative Sam Jenkins as front line workers include first responders health care and child care workers who are less than fifty thousand dollars a year they'll be eligible in the cash will help stimulate local economies he says we think people will use it to health things like back to school expenses are catching up on the rent or other bills or expenses Jenkins expects the program cost fifty million dollars daytime dramas had to put production on hold during the coronavirus quarantines and a lot of them have been showing reruns when they ran out of new episodes now one of the soaps is going back into production so little time left CBS bold and the beautiful becomes the first scripted broadcast series to resume on set production as cast and crew returned to the studio in LA today all actors have to cover their faces when they're not filming sanitized their hands before and after scenes and undergo regular symptoms Jack's intimate fight scenes are discouraged and a covert coordinators been hired to be on set at all times Deborah Rodriguez CBS news on Wall Street the Dow up six points nasdaq up seventy eight S. and P. five hundred up nine oil down thirty eight cents at thirty eight dollars a barrel you're Steve Geller with WWL sports is W. W. L. sports update is brought you by admin center G. with a special bill paying process quarterback Jameis Winston hasn't had a chance to work with the saints on the field this offseason but he's found a way to make a positive impression on offense of coordinator Pete Carmichael junior the one thing that stands out to me right away is that he sharply Shorty ask right questions and so he has that experience and then he's got the ability you see him throw the ball downfield he's got X. one arm strength Winston will push Taysom hill for the same number two QB job come training camp which remains on track to open next month Steve Geller W. W. well sports today at four sports talk with Bobby a bear guest Steve Geller LSU baseball's pulmonary a four thirty five the national champion ed Orgeron on at five ten plus what are the pros and cons of.

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