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And then thirty percents enterprise. Twenty percent consumer like consumer software like snapchat. Kodiak is a drug that prevents you from going blind from Macular degeneration and the current treatment for that is the needle that goes in your eye and like in in an inpatient like at the doctor who and they have a way to deliver the drug with drop. Yeah it's just like obviously that's GonNa be better. How how did the blood testing their nose thing workout? How did that we did have unfortunately? Unfortunately they were about ten. They started ten years before we did. You missed it. You missed it. I heard doing great but we have this other company. That's doing really well also called naps. Which is kind of like an alumina. Alumina has these giant genetic sequencers that are tens of thousands of dollars and they've created a desktop version and they're actually distributing that version all around the world so that doctors and laboratories can do cova testing like right there while And so that's Pretty. That's pretty amazing. Raise another couple of hundred million That's on that side on the. We have some companies on the enterprise side that have done very well There's in start logic branch. I think and Patriot ranch. Yep three sixty people don't know about that. That was like this little secret one. Yeah they went public on the Australian Stock Exchange Which is really easier than the. Us Will Not get ten twenty thirty million Revenue Company whether the first the first Us software companies go public on there. But yeah there is a bunch of money. They're they're like this family. Social Private Social Network Marco Polo. Right now on the social side is just killing it like I saw. I'm a huge fan of parks. And REC AMY. Poehler from parks and REC. Like talking to Seth Meyers Repping Marco. Polo. I think there I've been screen. Shotting their place in the APP store. They're above spotify or above tinder. Wow that's always fun Marco Polo for what is the. What is the use case there? Yeah so Marco Polo is interesting so I love talking to my parents. But I'm really busy. And so they'll face time and I won't have time so Marco Polo's Kinda like facetime except just send him video messages back and forth God and UK. Sam You know sometimes parents talk slows into the speed them. I don't really tone that don't tell mom. Yeah talion so I may have cameras. Why do you sonofabitch stupidity you take? I was listening to this week. Instead of you gotTa Take County Cabinet. She she's not from the old country I take it. No no might while her parents are so. I get that from the good gravy spaghetti and spaghetti sauce and lasagna. What's her signature last a signature? Dish? What's a signature dish? Lasagna LASAGNA off. She puts the millions Anya. She got started in there. Yes absolutely I get this lasagna. Sometimes they don't have the good regatta in it and it's just like what am I doing here phenomenal wasted time? Listen Cameron I could talk to You. All Day long continued success. And if you're a non Stanford Company or a Non Ivy League. I guess she can apply. Is that right? You can apply if you get a referral from one of our alums. Perfect great and it must be mind blowing to not be part of the Stanford Group and get in Like that is usually but like honestly we get a lot of the best teams from Harvard like other communities just because they kind of want to get access to that community and also there are phenomenal. Adds a huge amount us? Yeah fantastic all right Continued success and everybody checkout started x dot com. And we'll see you next time on this week in startups power of accelerator series. We're going to interview the top ten accelerators and get more valuable information for you. Our founders and startups bye bye..

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