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Of you saw sucking soccer ball that we were kicking around that generates electricity, A zits kicked. I don't want to get too technical, but I thought it was pretty cool. After the socket came a jump rope that use the same technology. Matthew's, finished her undergrad degree and got an MBA also at Harvard, and she started a company based in Harlem called Uncharted Power, Soccer Ball and the Jump Rope didn't turn out to be durable enough. But Matthews has raised 12.5 $1,000,000 in venture capital and is pushing her company to work on a larger scale the electric grid itself. Our platforms called more stands for motion based off good, renewable energy. And it's a platform that basically leverages are innovations in energy generation, energy transmission and energy storage. To offer what we like to call convenient energy. One advantage of convenient energy theoretically, least, is it is decentralized and therefore would not require the massive capital investments that power plants traditionally need. How well will Jessica Matthews is idea actually work? It's hard to say, and Mathews wouldn't get into the details of uncharted powers technology. And implementation. So why am I telling you this story? Because it's a story about the power of a good idea, And I think you'd agree that turning kinetic energy that's fun to generate into electricity is a good idea. Really? Why I'm telling you, this story is to point out that a good idea is worth nothing without great execution..

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