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Tourist here you should just listen to this and follow us. This is how you do it. Rent hyundai tucson And then you follow our matt youngest so go right here. Here's the disneyland. We can show actually the entrance and look at those mouses. How many mouses are all. I think it's i think it's like no mice meister up. There are no good in the right lane as this is providence high school. My brother coached basketball here. That's where i entered trying to tell you a story. Where can we pull in providence. High school careful tucson told us it was. I wanna override. What it thinks is your attention level and tell them you're not full coffee. Let's take a break. We'll be right back after these fine words. Hey guys and donald year to ask some of life's biggest questions. Yeah like who first discovered the powerful combination of popcorn and the movies. Is it possible to project an entire film as a hologram. We'll just like hyundai. We're questioning everything. When hyundai built the all new tucson they wanted to know how much innovation an suv could handle so they added tons of tech inside and out like a digital key. Lets you use your phone to open the car and an led daytime running light hidden within the grill. You know my favorite part of the tucson is that this is sensing how attentive you are and it brings up a little icon. Judging how attentive. You're being to the road. And when donald was driving he had a coffee cup. That was good. I like how stylish it is. Did you know the center. Council designed was inspired by an elegant waterfall. Cascading down a regal mountain now. I thought it was beautiful. But i wouldn't have said elegant waterfall cascading down a regal mountain. Okay all right well. There's an infotainment screen the size of a giant tablet. It's amazing it's beautiful. we ain't line. You can learn more about the best tucson ever at hyundai. Usa dot com. Yes so what. Can i tell you i i had a regiment that i follow when i started getting call backs for scrubs i was i would wear the same outfit blue button down shirt still how had a little bit of facial scruff which i kept and then i went to the gym and run on the treadmill for thirty minutes and i had these songs so i pulled into that parking lot on disney lot and i we've had a series of songs i would play to get me myself. Amped up and one of them was the radiohead song called. Stop whispering and the lyrics were essentially. Stop whispering start shouting. And i interpreted as like for myself. Stop being small. Stop playing tiny like go big. You know when. I i had one of those. I had two songs that were like that. And they were both by eminem won his first p and it was rock bottom and it was i. Just don't give a fuck and i used to play. I just don't give a fuck after every audition whether i blew it or i got it right. you know. it was one of those things where it was like. You know like that album for some reason really touched on before scrubs like i said before i was i had once again i was broken. I spent all of this money on his house. And you know. I wasn't managing my money. Well or anything and i I i everything just never seem to go the right way. You know what i mean. It just seemed like no matter what i did. I couldn't get there. I whether i trained really hard or you know. Or whether. I studied the night before i didn't a room and i literally blackout and be like Should i line was my personal. I live with my line and it kept happening. And when scrubs came around thank goodness it didn't happen and thank goodness for bill to be honest with you man. 'cause i don't know i don't without him being such a great cheerleader. I would've. There's no way. I would have gotten this part like i say that to say that to a lot of people. I'm one of the worst auditioners you'll ever meet but you give me the role and give me some time to work with you. Deliver what you're looking for. Well it's a good lesson to for for people filmmakers and creators out there like someone you love you know chokes the addition like. Don't give up on them because they it's there's so much pressure you know here we are. It's just like athletes. I'm sure you're you're in the locker room so to speak. Although i'm my nissan to forty six and i'm trying to get myself psyched up to not mess this up. Everything's on the line right now. It doesn't matter how many times i did it right before. All that matters when i go in this room. I'm going to do it right now. And so i would listen to that song. Stop whispering to be like you know you've been you've been being small you've been you you you haven't been bringing your best you haven't been bringing your game you're gonna go in there and start shouting and another song live listen to was blind melon's song no change You just afraid change that song songs. Well it's not necessarily the commute you listen to you know. We are not ready and listen to rap only now but at that point in time anyway Change was about like being afraid of change and not and and being intimidated by by. I dunno i entered is being intimidated by starting a new chapter. Where you're living your fault your fullest in your being your best in your fully celtics. you know. That's that's scariest for a lot of people. That's you know what i mean. Like fear of success is real care who you are you. Fear the unknown. And if you've been if you haven't been successful your whole life and it come and and you see it on the horizon. That's the easiest way to talk yourself out of stuff in here for so long you. I'm not gonna to. So what if it doesn't happen right now for me like you find ways to talk yourself out of it. Yeah that's pretty cool and like you. I'll thirty four anyway. I find that very Refreshing that you know. You can join blinking yellow. But there's cars now it's red. Don't fuck off. This is chewy for fucking drive. Carefully and goodness tucson by these safety features. Look at all these safety features easy chewy nope but that's refreshing to know that you're not the only one that feels that way so you know to hear stories like that. That's great. I definitely think It's a good idea you know. Obviously we all see athletes on tv listening to music and their self psyched up. But i think you for whatever you're doing if you wanna job interview if you're if you're Whatever you whatever task is making you nervous. Anxious put on a sars time having sex with someone tough wasn't going to say that the shore word you're like in the bathroom.

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