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Countries This is Bloomberg radio Now a global news update former president Donald Trump is firing back at the January 6th House committee yesterday Trump issued a 12 page rebuttal to testimony in evidence presented in public hearings Monday and last Thursday Number of former Trump aides have testified they repeatedly informed Trump that the election was not rigged or stolen from him Severe weather is to blame for damage and power outages throughout Chicago Kathy park reports Sirens blaring in downtown Chicago As powerful swords pummeled the area Peeling back the roof of an apartment building in bellwood Illinois as people took shelter inside The strong storms produced tornado like conditions and hail throughout the Chicago area over 44,000 customers were without power due to the storm Flags with 51 stars are being flown in D.C. along Pennsylvania avenue It's to bring recognition to the 700,000 taxpaying American citizens who live in the district I'm Michael kassner The news that completes your market day This is the big headline that's catching investors attention And the stories that make your business week It wasn't inflation dead just a few years ago Bloomberg business week weekdays at 2 p.m. eastern on Bloomberg radio The most important part of patriotism is to develop American technology because I think we will have a techno economic war over the next 20 years globally and the U.S. venture community can make a large difference in that The gentleman always in forever from sun microsystems vena kosla with David Rubenstein Bloomberg.

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