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Oh boy. But so that's just one of the many highlights of this year's consumer electronics. So tell me about the bigger televisions. Which here's here's the funny thing the size doesn't matter anymore. Here gets all of flair. You know, you've got up to like ninety five inch screen televisions. And I was talking to people yesterday about it. Here's some experts, and they're like the size of the screen. If kinda max it out because they've realized that their screens are getting as big if not bigger than most people's walls. So they can't really, you know, it's not about that anymore. It's about flexible screens and about curvature screens. But this year, they're unveiling an eight K television. Now, the first thing I thought of immediately was at TV anchors across the country are going to be in shock and horror because it's bad enough. Now, four K because I've talked to reporters and anchors. They're like they could see every wrinkle in every flaw on my skin, eight K. I'm like how much more clear can you get so don't feel bad for them because all of our wrinkles in everything are always a parents you now it's time for TV beautiful anchors to look realistic. Right. Isn't that what they're doing with the models, and the magazines no more airbrushing rejectly? So now, we're gonna. Finally, get to see the anchors and the reporters as they were meant to see visit they were meant to be rather. But this year, it's all about medical tech in in years past we've talked about it. And I've told you medical Tech's kind of the big deal here as well. But what's really interesting is that a lot of the software you're hearing about now one of the connect the wearables, so like you've got devices now that monitor your blood pressure, your heart rate, your diabetes, your your blood sugar content. But what's different this year? Is that the FDA is now proving a great many of these softwares and a lot of these gadgets. Meaning now that these gadgets and software or more reliable than they've been in the past in the past. They were more like prototypes. And this is our wish lists and things like that. But they're saying this year a lot of the stuff coming out, including this electric electric stimulus. Gadget that goes on your nose and actually stimulate your your sinuses to relieve sinus pressure. So you don't have to take medicine. So that kind of stuff now receiving FDA approval. That's a big leap from from years. Past. How does this thing play out? I mean, just the show itself are there different things on different days. Or is it just one big thing for four days? You get you have that it takes that long to get through it. Well, the answer is yes to both. You know, it does take a long time. It's the world's largest consumer show action say Consumer Electronics Show, but it's also the world's largest convention. They've touted that for many years one hundred eighty eight thousand people I think are supposed to be here from from almost every country on the planet and over this four day span the thing has gotten so big and you both have seen the Las Vegas convention centers. You know, how big that is already. Well, it's gotten so big over the years that they've taken over like the Mirage the sands convention center, they've taken over Mandalay bay all of their major ballrooms are all filled with C ES booths. So that's how big it's grown in. Its fifty two years old this year round a long time. But. Really what this is about. It's a couple of things. It's about showing what the technology is all about what the latest advances in technology. Are it also is a chance to gauge interest? So if you've got some gadget that you're really excited about you put money into you put it out there. Well, the deal is people that might wanna purchase it retailer wholesalers. They might come up start chatting with you about it. But if they show interest in buying something like that or they can see a way of putting it into their stores or online, then they may go the next step in and go from prototype to design. So that's really what this shows about. It's not again, it's not open to the public. This is an it's an industry insider and media only event. So this is the place though, where those gadgets will be decided upon those are the things that you might see at Christmas shelves next year. I thought it was interesting that three D printing seemed to be the big thing everyone was talking about. And that this year that section got a lot smaller because many of these. Products are produced in China. And they said that part of the reason that three D printing thing you're not gonna hear as much about that is because of the current relationship between the US and China. Well, you know, that's an interesting point because that's really kind of the buzz right now a lot of people are talking about because you're China's the largest manufacturer of electronics. And there's a lot of talk about whether or not gadgets that you're going to see this year software that you could see this year is it really going to be available or or wholesalers and retailers interested in buying anything from China manufacturer. Because for those reasons that you mentioned tariffs future relations. So there's going to be a lot of strain on us. And let me tell you hundreds of thousands of dollars are going into restaurants and bars and strip clubs here in Vegas because that's where all the big deals are made. So it'll be very interesting to see as a result of all of this kind of what deals from what packages are created out. After the fact, well, we wanna talk to you again this week. Are you going to be available for us? I'm gonna I'm gonna stay here for a couple of days. Like, I said, I really am gonna I'm gonna be trying the virtual strippers because Lord knows Ford it on my own sorry interference. And then, you know. Here's the problem. I what I'm really worried about this. 'cause you see you see what happens if people put on those VR goggles, and they start doing weird things 'cause they're reacting to what they're seeing. Yeah. I. I'm going to ask you have my legs and arms strapped down. Just. So I don't do anything that might bears myself. And you don't think that wouldn't be embarrassing. Steve, Gregory, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks gave. We'll talk to you. Steve, Gregory, they're live in Las Vegas for CAS. Twenty nineteen k Monika with him. Yeah. Monterey. Just trying to recover wiping her brow. All right when we come back the update on El Chapo and his murder room. Apparently. And don't forget next hour. Another chance for you to win a thousand bucks on the Gary and Shannon show. Monica. Rix has the latest the weird continues guys because a man's been caught on video. Licking a doorbell at a house in celinas for three hours straight. Steve, gregory. The guy never tried to break in early Saturday. The homeowners were out of town. The man also peed on the lawn. Police have identified him he say, he's facing misdemeanor charges. London. Heathrow airport has delayed some flights because of a drone sighting. Just last month and other airport in London had to cancel hundreds of flights because of three days of drone sightings and Sears has rejected a.

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