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And Anthony Joshua's next title bout could take place in Croatia that's according to the manager of his mandatory challenger Kubrat Pulev will the world heavyweight title fight shed jewel the next month at Tottenham Hotspur's stadium is being processed by when the next hour here in the sports news here on news that you can hear from Cecilia Malik while knight who was the president of netball South Africa she talks about contracting cope with the financial impacts on the game in South Africa and how the twenty twenty three netball World Cup is now even more important for the south African economy more sport I was ever online at BBC dot com forward slash sports Joe Scruggs no Syrian president Bashar al Assad has postponed parliamentary elections for two months as part of measures to control the spread of the coronavirus in the war torn Middle East country although there have been only forty five confirmed cases and three deaths in government controlled areas president al Assad has warned of a humanitarian catastrophe of cases spike and overwhelm health services not all Syrians share this view in the rebel held city of Idlib for example there's a teacher there and activists Abdul account fee on home do he doesn't agree and he joins us now good morning to you until coffee just tell us you know what is the situation we were first before we go into the politics yeah in fact now would say here is the situation that you know that you know every time of course you know the humanitarian relief because it in in the military and why it's getting worse and worse people here are waitin what is where's this is in fact what they have been waiting for nine years in fact every time and they just wait the the the where's that might come late to end like that so this is what people here have to do only wait you know V. at Hubbell situation the most horrible situation and that's a lie this is how we go on you know a life here absolutely and William and he is yesterday's and and and and you paint a very desperate picture of that but why don't you agree with that you know president Bashar al-assad's on the postponing off these elections in fact you know while I said he's speaking about their elections and then maybe if they are speaking about the political solutions there and we don't see anything that can be applied on that because in here we are yeah it it might be one country but in fact to different countries according to the kind of life so I said no it's it's not one who is in our country so we cannot accept any political solution that he will manage and that this would be just I mean crazy solution for us okay but you know in these unprecedented times I mean your your in in the middle here you've got the wall on the one hand you've got the pandemic on the other you know some sort of leadership it is important to look to it never mind the fact that she would you know disagree is it is it time for hops to just take stock and for this four to allow the pandemic to pause to look to some sort of leadership to words president opposition out asset in fact to look for the pandemic for example compared to absent himself we'll see the pandemic is mercy it's very nice people I mean through nine use one of these so I mean as I said himself from the asset value rose this is what we call him now yeah why all the wall either he's afraid and scared of the East coronavirus but in fact here the CDM people are in this situation for nine years but from different viral switches school the sad so this is a sad who is the result of our situation how can we accept that so this situation yeah might not it might be worse I mean we are in a very bad situation because that M. so no I mean it we lost a lot of things we lost our lives a lot of generations in fact lost everything here in studio for our freedom so more than that we would stand we would just send more and more and more without outside even I mean we might Hey Donte we might have the west but never the less accent thing outside as a leader that would be to help itself here well don't think that they know exactly as you accept it as a friend can you accept these you know the the this this virus has something good example good at something yeah and that we can live with this is what we will run out and we and we hear you we hear how desperate the situation as you know the the president is that postponing it because he does say that this will overwhelm healthcare services but thank you very much for speaking to us today that's up to coffee I'll Honda speaking to us from the city of it.

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