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Besides the acting. Jared has helped many other incidents that show. How out of touch with reality is on the seventeenth anniversary of kurt. Cobain's death jared released a trip video as him fascinating. Every this excerpt he wrote in his blog i heard today was the day kirk pat. What do you mean you heard today like. Oh you just heard you if you care about him. I think you would know you know. I heard can't believe it's been that long so grateful for his country. Inspirations not sure. I'd be doing this if it weren't for hint. You give us all permission to create no matter what our skill set reminded me. That dreams are pasta digits. Call kirk kirk obama's shitty musician. He literally said he gave permission for us to create no matter what our skill set our. Thanks for that. This made me recall short piece of film. I shot when i heard. They were making a film celebrating his life. I made it to explore the character and explore creative possibilities. I never sent it to the student. Anyone but thought i'd share it now. You're on if i may interject. I'm not sure if this will be claimed. Now cover song but you. Yeah but it's just super weird that he's dressed as kurt cobain in this unreleased video that he supposedly had he showed the public whenever we found out they were making a video about him on his birthday or whatever because like he's not acting performing a song and then like walking around like a zombie. Like there's really not that epic dude. Jared didn't know about covid nineteen due to a twelve day. Silent meditation the desert. I feel like there's nothing necessarily wrong. But it is literally being disconnected from reality for sure the actual sense while twelve days ago. I began silent meditation in the desert. We were totally isolated no phones communications etc. We had no idea what was happening outside. The facility walked out yesterday into a very different world. One that's been changed forever. Mind blowing to say the least. I'm getting messages from friends and family all around the globe. Catching me up on. What's going on your silent. Meditation may have caused covid talk like that. He refers to it as the facility. Bad vibes right there. We had no idea what was happening outside the facility right. That isn't that. Sounds like a mental health facility. That sounds so like corporate. You're out in the desert bro. What facility are we talking about. He was on allen had awkward performance after a shot after a shot showing an empty stage. The camera does a dramatic one. Eighty degree turn to reveal. The band is in fact sitting in the audience while epic moscow. Go no sound oh should we not have sound on this. Probably not mike at has claimed. Okay it there's nobody onstage but they are in the audience. What i'm trying to gauge the reaction of the girls there next to it's funny because they're trying to sing along. But no one knows. The words middle housewives very awkward. See that's the risk when you're you don't wanna show the audience that much because they don't know the words and we can't hear even a little bit let's give it so it's just a little taste. What happened here eventually walks. Ach release sitting in front of the choir. They all stood up there. All coordinator out. I'm gonna get claim for. This is what it sounds like allen's up there trying to act like she cares. Yep okay okay. Ach all right an go ahead. What say you on behalf of. Jared leto are we the charges detached from reality. But i really think. It's just being a douched if i can. Maybe rica rob recalibrate the charge. A little bit was he was a little over. The top oscar winning phil set suicide squad. That woah woah woah. What oscar to sky suicide squad win a contiguous yep oscar winning breath for seaside squad. Okay went the because he took the role too seriously he just throwing oscars while what a bad guy. What about sending use condoms to cast members. Hey look what matters is that the role made it impact on people very memorable joker role arguably the best in a piece of evidence to show. Just how impactful. This joker was even impacted. Our very own prosecution mr ab really jackson dress. Here's who better the way. What hell this is truly remarkable moment in your still covering it covering i just wanna see the whole thing is just star evidence covering to decide the and while wow this is truly shocking moment for this courtroom so he has a really compelling point what influence on pop culture that you the prosecution itself would dress as him. Ab what can you possibly say to that. I mean everyone. Because i mean i feel like everyone's been the joker and harley quinn for like the last three years claim maybe that's what he's saying. Yeah but that's the problem is influence. I don't think he's necessarily a bad guy. Think he just has a. I almost drank the koolade. What could i say. Yeah i really i think it's falling apart. Ab what the hell do you have. Anything to say. what do you have to say. Okay i have some say. Tell me give me something. My wife does make up and special effects and it was very popular that year. So i was trying to be a good husband is that a crime doesn't really flow. You have anything else to say Besides me being the one on the spotlight. I just wanna say that. In terms of his method acting. The joker i think he was trying to emulate what Heath ledger was doing. I mean he's ledger was known for method acting and he like locked himself in a motel. Do the joker. And i think he kind of took that idea and kinda just fucked it all up like he kind of went overboard totally. Missed the point and thought you know. Having the joker brain zach would say is Sending people use condoms. And so your your argument. That he bastardized Heath ledgers icon ick role as joker reminds. Yeah okay do you think you would have done. A better joker. Oh definitely yeah deliberate. Now damn i feel like a m pop. The lid right off the definitely did and we'd Abc kind of confessing that he would've liked that raw and probably better bitterness not that objective also he goes. I drink the kool aid but then he try to get himself together when he realized it was all falling apart almost drank. Yeah well. I'm not sure you drink the kool aid to close almost as out and grenades or Okay let's consider the charge douche detachment from reality overlooking the facts. I think his behavior on set of of a suicide squad alone throws the whole thing and the question Not talking to will smith ending use condoms and then. He says he didn't send us gone. The whole thing's out of control. He's definitely do. You could tell that. His co stars don't like Based on the evidence now that is him laughing as the joker warble and not mistake. That definitely want. It is horrible. We're black you know that being said In a really good point and that he was so prolific culturally an ab reinforced his point so he was douche but also he was effective maybe ultimately it was effective. But at what cost you know what the cost of now. Being nice to your actors and colleagues. Maybe it's not that bad that it wasn't that nice of them. Tell me 'cause i'm torn between a. N. melting a good defense. The fact that he is I think they use condoms. Throw it to deepen the too far and i think he's guilty of Do i give a nod. Of course a a An jim contempt of court. That being said jared leto all the all that being said..

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