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Yeah. I am as Pedroia. I'm awake. What what's the travel lacks shot? It. What happened? Luke Falk has gone down there already. But I thought maybe you. Well, right shar-. Get some clothes on. I came around the corner. I saw a little crowd in front of faucets. Gambling hall five or six men standing together, not saying anything. I started to push through. But before I get to the door cash hardcore came outside a jaw was sadness. Hats pulled down tight eyes were staring straight ahead. But he wasn't looking at anybody marched right past me. Without even noticing. Hours cash. Holiday. Lexi, dad. When I got here. I'm sorry. You know, who did it? Adam ruby? With moise. I ain't got no more ten waste here. You're going after him. What do you think while I just sort of you wanted some company, I guess, I know? Endless loan jar cash. Whatever you say. I'll tell you one thing I would like to enroll we shoes from they meet up me. Well, you see the whole thing. I were standing right there in the gambling hall when it happened when cards together adamant been winning lex had been drinking me lex with just playing. Nothing. Nothing. What are what are you going to say, I guess share Parkwood wouldn't appreciate my opinion sides late getting home. Yeah..

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