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You can't stop them. And so they've obviously figured out a way to get him the ball and get him the ball in spots where he can't be defended. So I'm obviously ramps fan. I'm hoping that it keep to lead is going to be a little more successful than Marcus Peters was. But can you explain to me how the eagles are, you know, they're the defending Super Bowl champions? They know how good he is. And what did he catch thirteen path? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's crazy. So he can surging an Alvin Kamara had a very pedestrian day. It's seventy one yards rushing. He didn't score a touchdown when the ransom and the first time we couldn't keep them out of the end zone. So those if you will allow me to things I'm worried about one is is how do you stop Michael Thomas, and to I'm worried about Kamara going off having said that I feel great about the Rams Jason. He's nervous as hell. I told Mason I think his team's going Super Bowl. I think the Rams are playing playing better right now than the saints. Are the Rams have played good three weeks in a row that performance against Dallas kind of came out of nowhere. They stopped Zeki Elliott. They had two rushers go over one hundred yards. Mcvay seems to be at the height of his powers. I think the Rams have great chance on Sunday when comfortably because you know, the the saints run defense has been hindered. Now is Sheldon rankings out with an achilles. I know they have a rotation. But yet they have two guys. That they rotate into that spot. But the third guy who never plays is going to have to play there. So they're not going to be able to play every snap with the backup. I actually think the Rams are gonna be able to control the clock and run the ball. So I'm with you. I'm not really that concerned as concerned as maybe some people about that game. Are you concerned about Netflix raising their prices Ireland? Is there a breaking point in the Ireland household on Netflix prices? They're not only not a breaking point on Netflix. Thirteen ninety nine. Yes. Thirteen ninety nine is the cheapest one now. Yeah. Okay. I be willing to go to fifty bucks. Wow. Or netflix. That's how much I watch. And here's an and by the way, for Amazon I'd be willing to go three times that. Yeah. I mean, well because they deliver everything till you. Yeah. For sure right. So I'm I'm a sucker they, but they're going to continue both Amazon, and Netflix and continue to see what they can get away with. If I you know, I I belong to a gym. And they used to charge us. Fifteen bucks a month for. The locker. Out of the out of the blue. They sent out. They starting to dozen nineteen or turning forty five dollars for locker every everybody gave up their lives. Said screw it. I'm not doing. So we'll see if the thirteen ninety nine is is the, but I think most people are going to pay it, don't you? Yeah. For sure, and I actually told Mason that all the streaming stuff. Like all the add on like, if you if you have Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, and then you gotta pay fifty bucks a month for internet. You've basically got the cable the same price as you're paying for your Gable? Bundle. At this point, the whole thing is a racket. Right. And people are now that we're used to it now that they suck to thin. We'll continue to pay it. Yeah. Not giving up. Pam on not giving Netflix come on. I'm with you, man. Enjoy cluckers. All right, man. Have a good show. All right, man. Thanks joy, Oklahoma City and hopefully get a win. Right. Hope. So. See there's John Ireland with is here. Let me grab some people been holding on patiently Stephen LA. Go ahead. Steve good buddy, and George how you Don Goodman. I wanted to quickly talk about the Luke Walton a scenario and at this point in the season. I don't know if you fire somebody forty five games. And if you don't have somebody in the wings waiting, and what worries me more than that? If you did have like a fan Gundy, kind of pending would be his assistant coaches, and who would step in the interim..

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