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Your hosts Tom Hudler and Shannon O'Kelly, physical therapist and president of I R G physical and hand therapy. Welcome everybody to another autumn morning. It's another edition of I R. D. Physical in hand therapies. Health Talk with Tom Cutler and Janet Kelly include what I mentioned Autumn. It is fairly deep into the fall. Now let's AH, let's talk Shane about Maybe some of the stuff that goes on as people encounter things like breaking leaves or climbing ladders to clean out their gutters or just walking out in the rain and making sure of their footing or You know, even carving pumpkins. There's a danger there. I understand. You guys have had unusual amount of people that come in with the injuries because of that, that function, so a lot of stuff to talk about here in this autumn. Autumn safety, You know, it's really important, Tom. You can imagine that people like you mentioned are active. They're out climbing ladders to get the leaves out of the gutters. They're raking leaves air bending over twisting turning, You know, Sometimes those leaves are wet and heavy, so they try to lift him up, not using their legs but used their back. And even like you mentioned walking, you know when those leaves get wet, you step off a curb and a pile of leaves there slippery. They're slimy and you can fall believe or not. I mean, it's kind of interesting topic. We see a lot of patients from these accidents during the fall. So ladder safety, you know, Think about it when you're setting that ladder up, Get ready to climb upon the gutter makes you have a sturdy base. The basis supported make sure they're not standing too far up on the ladder. Don't climb up on the very top of the last step. It actually says it on the ladder. Don'ts. Don't stand on this step sometimes. You know, people ignore that. I think they should have the word stupid. Don't stand on this step. Stupid. Yeah, but, you know, I mean, I've actually experience it personally where I put a ladder up, you know, and climbed up to get the gutter leaves out of the gutter. I put the ladder on my deck. My deck was wet and slippery. The ladder slowly, ladder slipped out, You know, so maybe having someone helping you that's holding the base of the ladder. And talking to you as you climb up, climb down, So you don't miss that step, believe or not? I've seen these injuries where people have phone even if it's the second to the last step from the bottom. You fall You sprained an ankle. You fractured fibula. You know there's injuries that can occur there. You know, a lot of people climb up cleaning those gutters and think I just got to reach out another foot in Greg. I grabbed that pile leaves will reaching out extended beyond that safety center of that ladder. When you fall off for you turn around a ladder flips out from the side. You know things like that has that's called Griswald ing. Oh, I love it. I love it when you watch that every night runs every night Love Griswald, you know, don't staple your glove to the sun. That's another good tip. Yeah. So you know, I've been there like raking leaves, you know. Watch your back. Use good posture. Keep your back straight and flat. Use your legs to lift. You Don't watch someone Wait, rake leaves or even if you break leaves before it's a lot of rotation. It's twisting turning your bending down. You're getting The leaves in the bag or the garbage can Whatever you're doing, Those leaves air heavy. I've seen back injuries. I've seen different injuries just people raking leaves. You know, The other thing, too, is like you mentioned carbon pumpkins believe or not. You know, you're there that pumpkin is pretty solid. And you're trying to grind that knife through there. And also the knife slips kind like we see with avocados and bagels, things like that. But you can you can last rate or cut your hand. That could cause yeah could cause a tendon laceration. And then you have a tenant attendant injury and then you know, you have to get surgically repaired. Then your hand therapy here. Hopefully at I r G because we have great certified hand therapists, but we don't want anybody get hurt. That's not what I'm saying. You know, I'm saying But just just be safe. I'm just think about what you're doing. You know, it all makes a lot of sense. So you just got to slow down. I know I'm always seems like I'm behind in everything. And if I get two hours on a Saturday and I'm out raking leaves, I want to get it done. I want you know what I'm rushing through it. Sometimes it's bending over. Just not using good posture. You sprain or strain your back, and that's when your back spasms. That's when also your your your stove DH up, you know, and it happens and you've got that disc problem down there. If you've got any kind of degeneration, you could be susceptible in your lumbar spine for injuries based on fall activity, So we're just talking about false safety. Good tips One and all. That's ah, really something you know a lot of us. Don't think about so thanks for the tips on that, Shana And as we go out to encounter these cooler, colder days, too, don't forget. Sometimes that step is.

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