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Vehicle with up to six guests allowed her car. Seven, thirteen, now thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen ten K. F. K. A. dot com, as you've heard in our news this a release from Weld County six weeks after the county obtained covid nineteen test kits and organized a series of testing events, healthcare providers, public and private agencies and the county collectively reach the goal of testing ten percent of the county's population, wild county government conducted for drive through community testing events in early June, as a result, two hundred and eighty six were tested with only nine. Nine of that two hundred, eighty six testing positive for covid nineteen, the While County, Department of Public Health, and environment along with the weld. County. Emergency Operation Center analyzed and reviewed the results and recommended future testing by the county be focused on targeted testing of spots and outbreaks. Weld County Commission Chair. Mike, Freeman said as there are now many sites throughout Weld County offering cove nineteen testing to those who need it. Our testing efforts will focus on specific areas of concern, so as to help contain the spread of the virus now for list of locations, offering testing throughout weld county have to is fire up google earth jump..

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