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Cops don't talk to Maggie we're almost there there's also in Piedmont aids a completely quiet room one thing to note there please don't go into that space with anything that's like an aggressive sense for instance right try to be chill right take a deep breath thank you better before you say anything aggressive sense too much noise right there I can't focus I can't focus I don't want to hear the gender broad ask again stop with the gender brought out he got what John the national socialist so I made a comment afterwards where in the hell these people work maybe they don't work somebody sent me a note and this is important made they do work the and and and I think this is right on the money they have jobs in the local and state government they work in the public school system many of our teachers but a lot of administrators some custodians but who knows non profits they are all all heard the non profit sector Starbucks and all of those places will accommodate wacko demands like this they'll bend over backwards to tell you you can't do this or you can't do that because you are up there are you upset four eight cents alright guys so bad now who are these people demanding solitude and demanding quiet and demanding nobody smell too aggressively or whatever these are the very people offended and triggered by loud noises in his singing and clapping gendered pronouns it cause anxiety these are the same people hooting and hollering and using bull horns and horns beaten down front doors trying to intimidate conservatives on their front lawn in restaurants demanding that they leave or attacking Mitch McConnell these are people like Joaquin Castro I'm not going to tolerate any body who donated to Donald Trump three runs a full page ad Doxie and housing donors who dropped a little funny cide light it turned out the docks one of his own donors in that ad and all the while his is a twin brother of young Castro who's running for better or for president they are both sons of one of the most radical community organizer is in America Rosie Castro San Antonio and these people they're the young tolerant ones and they are the mean ones and they're the ones that just yeah let everybody go about their lives and go about their business they have to busy body themselves in everybody's life to put up stop sign thirty get somebody else to put up a stop sign tells you you can't do this to you can't do that and they act like they're these very delicate little flowers in their triggered by this latest thing we can't do that yet you'll find them raising hell add any anti trump protest or anti Mitch McConnell protester in any restaurant trying to intimidate Republicans in there in two in the league and this my friends is the democratic base this is the Democrat but many of the millennials not all but many of them are now want to go back some more sound bites and I have been collecting during the during the week because the day they came down the pike there were other things that deserve more attention such as the aftermath of the shootings over the weekend the date and el Paso but these are highly worthwhile they were extremely valuable they are her fatally informative Monday night on the C. N. N.'s freight prime time frame Cuomo has a show it was a liar from el Paso and freight spoke with the religion analyst for CNN every network now has a religion analyst many other former priests who gave it up because they couldn't handle celibacy or they couldn't handle pope or they couldn't have as of the game it up but that that they all cleric collar so forth but they gave it up so they can I go on TV and and be openly liberal I get paid for it rather than chump change in a church and CNN's guy is named Edward back CNN religion analyst speaking about the shooting in el Paso Texas for you don't Cuomo said these white nationalists say they are Chris no wait who do you know that identifies themselves as white nationalists who do you know in your neighborhood in your church in your town who do you know that when you introduce them to somebody you say here is white nationalist and friend of mine Zeke slow but Nick how many of you do that how many people running around saying yeah right now we're born and I want you to meet me doesn't happen there aren't any there aren't any white supremacists except where on the fringe in the dark web where most of us would know how to find them if we wanted to because they're hiding they are not representative of anything they are as despondent and out of it as whacko fringe leftist start except they're far many more whacko fringe leftist the morale white supremacists why the White could these people be called white apologists would they be offended if I called everybody a CNN a white apologist what do you got against white people I could say that anybody working at CNN or MSN what what's your problem with white people so you're you can have all the problems white people you want because white people a majority white people are doubles white people are the reason there's so much on average is the next in America from the founding jet now white people did it white Europeans so you can say about them whatever you want it badly their questions why that even makes it even better who who old talks about themselves or their friends as white nationalists this is why Tucker Carlson this is a hoax there isn't a group of people running around talking about themselves this way but nevertheless you're afraid does question to CNN's religion analyst father Edward back these white nationalists say they are Christian that is a contradiction in terms you can put nationalists and Christian together Jesus was definitely not a nationalist the very essence of Jesus is crossing borders going to the Samaritans one one going to the stranger I mean how can you split Christian and nationalism together nationalism says my country is.

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