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Since get this hurt, Walter Barr, the great Walter Barr back in 1950 on top of that. He'll also be the youngest of all 30 two captains at this World Cup. Here's coach and newly minted captain with more. The S Tyler will be the captain for the World Cup. It was something where for the last three and a half years, we've been working with the leadership council and we're very open and we asked them, hey, what do you guys want to do for the World Cup? And they thought it'd be better to have a captain name for the World Cup. And we're proud to announce Tyler's the captain for the World Cup. It's a huge honor for me, obviously, to be named captain of this team. Obviously, a very young team, but a lot of credit to my teammates because anyone throughout our leadership council can wear that armband and represent us with pride and represent us in the right way. So yeah, I'm obviously representing us for this World Cup, but there's a bunch of guys in the team in our leadership council, Christian Poole, so it was the mckenney. Aaron long, the list goes on and on and on. So we've established that we all lead in different ways so that any anyone can represent us on any given day and represent us well. And here are the numbers that back up the comments from U.S. captain Tyler Adams, of course it's been a rotating captaincy throughout Greg berhalter's tenure. Herc, you've been a long time fan of Tyler Adams. Are you cool with this final decision here at the 2022 World Cup? It's the only right decision. It's the only correct decision. Man, I remember back when the pandemic started interviewed Tyler Adams just a regular YouTube thing, little zoom interview with them. He was two years younger. A lot greener. With the same mindset. I want to be the captain of the U.S. men's national team. And in that same breath, I want to win a World Cup in 2026. The man knows who he is, knows what he wants, knows what he's about. He holds people accountable. This leadership council, it's cute, Greg. You don't like it? It's terrible. Why? Just pick a captain. They decided it's FIFA decided. So you had to come up with a captain. That's the way it went. How did you guys do it back in your day? You feel who the captain is. And you already know it. You know it. Hey, but at some point, somebody has to choose who actually wears the armband. It's great. The players are at the coast. It's the coach. Always for you been the coach. Oh, is the coach? Every locker decision. Well, this is the coach feels it too. Very rarely do you get it wrong, or should they get it wrong? It's not that type of situation. Everybody knows who the leader is. Who the alpha, if you will, Tyler's the alpha. Yeah. That locker room. Yeah, it's obvious, right? I don't think anybody would question the choice of Tyler Adams or in any way suggest that it was a bad choice. There's so many anecdotes about this kid, right? Being a teenager, rolling into New York Red Bulls, not just leading that team, but there's a lot of anecdotes of him actually like standing up to older guys and really proving. I asked him about it. Yeah, just a leader he is. He's like, it's my responsibility. They can't let each other. That's not common for a teenager, right? Who is 19? And he was acting this way at Red Bull. Yeah, crazy it is. Yeah. He's just different. He's wired differently. It just makes sense for him to be the captain. The youngest captain, by the way, in the World Cup. Yeah. That is crazy. That is insane. Congratulations. I always like Tyler Adams anecdote is actually from maybe 5 years ago when he played in the under 20 World Cup. And if you'll remember, that was a time when even before COVID, like empty stadiums or things. So you could hear everything that was being said on the field. And I think I forget who they were playing, but it was like the second game of the group phase. And it was fourth minute of the game. And he was cursing out his own players because they weren't moving quickly enough to get to a ball that had gone out of bounds and throw it back in and put it in play. Right. And I was like, wow, almost too intense, but I loved it. I just love that from time to time. I think my personal favorites when we were playing a preseason game. My last year of being a professional in Orlando, New York versus Toronto. I did that pretty soon with Toronto and he told me to F off. Not the first, not the last to be fair. Definitely was the last. Oh, yes. As an active player. The other question here, I guess surrounds like Christian Pulisic, right? Player who's carries the nickname Captain America, but beyond that, Greg berhalter has given the captain's armband to in the past. You've seen the commercials with Christian Pulisic pressure pressure pressure pressure. Do you think somehow maybe not having the captain's armband is actually a good thing for pulisic? Yeah. This tournament. White off his shoulders. He reminds me so much a land in Donovan. So much. In his demeanor, how soft spoken he is. Landon didn't always want to be the captain. Landon sometimes shifted in and out of games. He would hide a bit, you know? He would tell you that himself. Sometimes the pressure got to him. One of the greatest products the U.S. has ever put out. The poster boy for U.S. soccer in his generation without a doubt. But that didn't make you a leader. That'd make you a captain. He will tell you that himself. When Landon was around, who were the captains? For a long time. And then it was Tim Howard, you know? You know who those captains are. Not always the best player. Not always the best one, but they said it. Each one leads in different ways. Weston McKinney, Christian Pulisic, their leaders in different ways. All right, so the captaincy decision was announced at Sunday's press conference, but actually there was a very curious moment herc at Saturday's press conference for the United States. I don't know if you caught this. It was between sergino dest and Weston McKinney. Let's check it out. I don't know. I think we just have to look like at the start how we playing of course play. We are of course prepared, you know, how was play, but we have our own patient and I think we're always working on hypers. And make sure that Michael. One second.

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