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National school walkout on march fourteen and groups have suggested an additional walkout on april 20th which is the anniversary of columbine 1999 school shooting in colorado where thirteen were killed um my wife mentioned to me the somebody she had read or tweeted the other day um and it is interesting there's not been as far as i know a woman a girl who's ever done this it's always got a boy with a gun who goes in shoots up a school there is a girl in california month or so ago um took a gun to school and shot a couple of people i don't think anybody died and she said it was an accident she didn't so so really know i mean but it it seems to be a problem with males though whatever the problem is just kind of odd to think about uh let's see um mary orrin hatch has apologized yes and i think sincerely well to the to a wives the foot to exwives of miss porter who play who who claim in and boo hoo every white house secretarial that listen my pr department told me i had to thoroughly apologize missile i am sincere and i think he probably is is sorry that he overreacted to all of it but he sent each one of the two women mr portas a exwives each send each one of them uh an apology he and it was a a hand some of it hand written and i forget which one of them uh but one of the wives said it seemed to be quite sincere to me in and i forgive mr hatch for his previous comments he does seem to these high also included a gift card from denny's of long way apology i know it is possible that that guy by porter could have worked in hatches office all that time and nobody will nobody their new because he was efficient he was good he did his job and he was a different person when he was at work but because of him it it's now eyes upon the security clearance situation in the white house there's an off a lot of people there without security yes i you want to cheer up yes ali the all re tweet this i should problem figure out a way repeat if you see this little it'll video of.

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