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Opening up to us. Again Hi everybody Tiffany's over at the. State fair so join us a little bit later on. State, fair Oh my goodness it is a perfect day to be at the Kentucky. State, fair hope you're able to sneak over and and taken. All the offerings they have oh I talked with one of. The, ham buyers this morning. That would be a certain Luther. Deaton we recorded our conversation. Actually he's a busy man he's a chairman. Of a Bank I mean chairman of banks I just can't catch them on the fly so. We recorded something a little while ago run later. Today Tells a little bit of his story. Growing up here in, Kentucky and he spent one point four million and then Mark and. Cindy Lynn, spent one point four. Million to put. Those two together and make a two point eight million dollar, donation for like future farmers of America and these agriculture causes and in the university. Of, Kentucky's business school and some other things so good for. Them could that that's always great and that was an astounding. Number, today I think that's. The record of all time for. The hams they've raised farm. Bureau Kentucky farm bureau puts on this thing. Every year and they've raised they said near thirteen million dollars Over all, the years they've been doing it like fifty years because the hands of generally be I, don't know ten thousand then I got to twenty thousand and thirty thousand and then one time it was one hundred thousand, oh so you can tell for a whole lot of years they it was a tough. Time for them to get to? Their first million. But these people were very generous donations. In the past decade have made this incredible last year I. Think it slipped backward, little but nonetheless that was a great story today so it's good. For charities, all around the area All right on the show today I guess those. People can chance at me to. Shame on, you shame on you I don't. Even know what I did but shame on you.

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