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Actually what I did was legal, and people would be so angry at home, but he is so intimately aware of what he could do it anytime. Delightful so. The man is a football discussion. Question for you. Yeah, question for you having written the definitive Aaron Rodgers. Sit down. How do you think he would do? I, also, he said he did not have interest. I think in in football media. I. Remember having that conversation with him but I. I think he'd be great at it. because. He is super smart and would work really hard at it, but I do think he's not the highest energy guy right and I think about Romo really is true like you really want someone and I know I just said I wanNA see. Jay Cutler and but that wasn't because I. think he'd be good. That's because I wanted to. See the train rises. Be Hilarious I, I, mean anyone who's seen his show our. Knows that he's like. Gold But Yeah, I, think energy as you know in our business is so important. Energy and Romo looks like he's having the time of his life, and I think people the I always say that that's what makes them great at it. It's not the. nostradamus stuff all right, so P-. Now for the question one more one more I think Ben Rothlisberger would be a glorious disaster God. You would like a gay seriously. Seriously That is unsustainable. That's why it would be great now. He could come on with that. You know like Harry and the Hendersons I've been sleeping under a bridge. You're right and then. He could just throw people under the bus and it wouldn't be in class Ben Style. It would be passive, aggressive throwing people under the bus, just like subtle digs, and it would be awesome. That is actually a really. Important Point sometimes like the great thing about quarterbacks in the booth like I think of Troy Aikman. Right? Who who I think is very good at his job. He sometimes so audibly disappointed with quarterbacks on the field. You know what I mean like you can. Just he doesn't even saving thing. You can just kind of read between the lines like Oh. You're disgusted, so you definitely want a quarterback. WHO's willing to criticize the quarterbacks? and. Ben would do that. I wouldn't. You would not be my choice reasons, but you're right. He would do that. I do think. I wonder if it's Patrick would do it, too. I'd certainly believe Cutler. To. Enough enough questions from listeners. Thank you so much for them. Though let's get back to my questions. And let's get to my questions about the Cleveland, browns. Like I said I'm going to talk about the AFC north at some point down the road, but I wanNA. Talk to you about this team. Because they are your beloved squad you are you're Cleveland across the board right you're from. Yes, so yes I am Cleveland sports across the board. I have worn bare color so proudly for so many years that like I I often illegal. T her. No, it's true. Everyone messes it up that that I for my actual hometown of rest in Virginia I am a Beltway Brat Orne and raised in northern Virginia. However, however, my dad is from Cleveland then. My Dad's family is from Cleveland then we would spend countless weeks and months there as kids every major holiday so on and so forth, and I'm in my family. You get religion from your mother. Mother and you get sports from Your father and my dad raised us a long before Sunday ticket to be diehard Browns, fans and diehard Indians fans wasn't the biggest NBA Fan is. The cabs weren't there when he was a kid, but we kind of made ourselves fans. If I had to rank them, they're clearly third on the list, but yes I have been known to break things in my home and leave scars on my fists from punching things in scare. My neighbors for those teams, and honestly as a browns fan. That's like Motley, honestly given what? We've been common right because I I also grew up for time in northern Virginia and I'm also not from Seattle. It's it's my dad. You know that made me a seattle. Sports Fan across the board but you know united and I talked a lot about the browns I texted about the browns. This text changed until the season began. It went on I. Am so we talked about the biggest questions to the rams I think. The various questions are the browns is pretty pretty huffy. There's really it's the only question which is can baker. Mayfield Go back to being the Baker Mayfield. We saw as a rookie and it is an easy question with no easy answer Andrew, because I believe the reasons for his decline are so complex and. Also. I almost don't even know where to begin like if you were to sign. A blame pie, my friend Dorsey. DOTTO calls it like if you're making A. Like a you make like a pie chart in your mind. You're like this is the offensive line. This is scheme. This is a junior maybe being heard i. don't know like you know it's hard to know how to divvied up. I will start by telling you. I think everyone deserves blake from resin except maybe Nick Job Nick. You don't deserve blend, but. For me when I washed Baker, every time says so when I go back and watch or during season in Washington taking notes sometimes on notice I keep writing the same word over and over. And with him. The word I kept writing over and over all season was pressing. This dude is pressing. It is not coming easy to him he is, he's pushing it. He is. Forcing it literally you know and I want to know if you've felt the same way, and if you think that was the biggest issue. Everything was forced last year. I'm glad you used that word. Course and I mean for everybody. But especially for the offense as a unit, everything was forced at the end two thousand and eighteen, and they caught in a bottle. They had momentum Freddie's Colin. Fund plays. YEA, they're winning scoring into throw. It backwards asses in reverses and ends around of trick nonsense it worked, and they tried to force so much of that last year, and it did not work. Start with number one Greg Robinson when they cut him on Labor Day weekend, which was a procedural move to clear a spot for a rookie free agent to get an rookie offense alignment to get to fifty three. They should have like Robinson walk. People talk about the browns arrogance. Last year they were allowed. They were rambunctious. Part of it was I think a pushback by the average fan against the excessive media coverage were always guilty, but that's what we do. We hold up the Shiny object I think a lot of it didn't come from the team, but it came from the hype, and they bought the hype and they just. Didn't work, but there era guidance I think came partly also with their roster decisions like they actually thought Greg Robinson can somehow starting left tackle on a playoff team. It didn't work. Freddie Kitchens cuteness and ingenuity and and Fred. He's a good man with. Let's let's just put that I love Freddie. I really didn't know him at all I got to know him. As we got closer to the season. The combine the senior bowl. Things like that I really liked the guy. His leadership didn't work, and there are so many other issues factors such as adult Beckham in Jarvis Landry, barely practicing them for for injuries and Odell barely getting on the field, and honestly barely being in the right place half the time. Like, you said there are a lot of reasons Baker force a lot of things a lot time for he and the wide receiver were never on the same page Jarvis Landry foods injuries put together a very good year, but they couldn't block anyone there. Play calling head no rhythm. At all and with a bat, offensive line, no rhythm and no play action game despite the fact that you almost had the league's leading rusher Baker looked shuman. If got to him. You turn the ball over way too much. Any just spiraled out of control. So you're saying calling draw on fourth and nine..

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