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Welcome back to Waddle and Sylvie. I'm convict night sitting in for Tom Waddle. Sylvia's still Sylvie. He ain't changing. This is the second half of waters world. It's where we do the weird stuff. So be ready for the wheel. Weird State and Florida or Ohio going into the weekend. That's right for the R Ohio. That's absolute. Thank you. Thank you. I needed the programming note. I am Wash with water and Sylvie right now you try to send twitch to just follow the ESPN 1000 Channel and twitch. You can see me reading all of these stories. This is awesome. And actually, black and Abdal and I were talking about our memories of pizza hut back in the day is young men. We were all well Children of the nineties. All of us were involved in book it. So we understand the singular thrill joy privilege really? That it is to fill out your book it card and then go to Pizza Hut for your personal pan pizza. So good. This is a new technology, though. We also behind the glass here out of the three of us. Have you black and myself? We bet that you were the only one that legitimately filled out yet. You're probably an overachiever, right? What are they gonna do? Prove that I didn't read the books? How you gonna prove that I didn't read it, But you read a lot of books. Not only did I read a ton of books, I'll come. I'll come clean. My middle school had to ban goose bumps books from being eligible for book it because I was cruising through them at way too high rate. Because you could just You just ripped through a goose bumps book in about 45 minutes, slapped that down in the book of thing, Bam! Personal pan pizza. I thought I had it, man. It's like, tell me that's like you bragging that you could run a marathon. It's like, Oh, that's what you mean. I've been running miles in the snow. No big deal every time suppose book and 45 minutes. No, it's It's an admission. It's an admission. I bragged about the loophole to Mrs Suu. Far as I'm doing the thing right, like I just I'm all thrilled that I can rip their own RL Stein book like this. And then I have the audacity to go brag about it and get myself banned from the very loophole that I discovered. So your daughter wants God wins. The last time we had a pizza hut. Oh, whether we get Pizza Hut! Come on now. I don't remember. I think it's almost exactly a year ago. A year ago in three days in the Miami airport, coming home from the Super Bowl, we were starting today and all that, and I haven't had pizza hut in years and I used to love it and we got a bunch of personal pan pizzas. At the Miami airport. Pizza Hut. Living like kings was the only thing that was opened in our terminal cause the terminals were so far apart that crease that greasy crossed, are you guys so I don't know if you're Hold firm that there is a thing in this world called Rescue Pizza. It's the slice that brings you back during a night out on the town. It's the slice that brings you back the morning after kind of thing. It's the slice today that holds you together during a long delay in an airport. You guys had a rescue slice that day after O just lights. We have pizzas. Yeah, that's perfect is what it is, but I'm like you're gonna So all I have to do is go home and quote, read books and fill this out. And I get a free pizza. Yeah, and she's like, Yeah, but you got to read the books. Okay? Sure. Yeah. OK quiz. No quiz. All right. Cool. I waited until college to not read the books in the language that I already knew to get my English degree. So that was real meaningful for May. Pizza Hut is testing drone delivery in Israel drones may soon be deployed to bring your order to a delivery driver or to your door instead of a delivery driver. Throat techno warm Can I assume it will? That's so This was my question. How? How warm is it and tell Aviv right now, why are they testing this in a place? Right? I mean, it's It's warmer there than it is here, right? Yes, yes, For sure, Like much former. Well, unless it ever get cold. Must the drone is attached to the heated bag? Then the heated bags like the drone and heated bag. Come down. You take the pizza out of the bag, and then the drone holding the heated bag, then goes back to the hut. I dig it. I dig it. Apparently the washing journals writing the pizza will use the drones to drop multiple orders at a government approved landing zone, such as parking lot spaces. And then you will have two drivers than delivery drivers will handle the last leg of the journey to get those pizzas to actual customers. Sounds like a complicated too much too much. This is just just how they're getting started. This is getting the people with the ground, right? You know what they're doing? They're taking away as someone who used to deliver pizzas. They are taking away my hard earned my Ligeti's took up a job because what do you do it? You don't think that I can drive in from the hut to the house. Now I got to go to a parking lot to pick it up and then take it to the house. What is it from the hut to the houses like the Abdullah solo album like that's your very first. That's when you finally broke out of the black of dollar. Wham style band. These guys from the hood to the house down this solo album is from the heart to the house to be a 15 minute podcast the amount of time to take your delivery driver to get from Pizza Hut. Your house. All right, let's get to the game. Get ready to play the game that's sweeping the nation. Public drunkenness, exotic animals,.

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