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Time for sports talk radio i can think of in ages because with the you know all of a sudden the mets are playing really well even though the yankees are struggling a little bit i think that brings out really good yankee fan really intelligent words whereas when the akis winning every game for some reason the idiots come out in the mirror pitcher has a bad game they wanna get rid of them and then football you know the giants fans always seem to be level headed the jet fans like me are always the funniest comment i heard this guy said it was rich to me till we always said even if the judge for half the right quarterback and even at four years from now the jets make it to a super bowl and they're winning by thirty points with a minute to go a jet fan is still gonna think something's going to go wall i mean for some reason there's optimism even with us crazy depress jet and don't you think met fans at the same way that you know they showed a couple of creeks this week it la they they lost to to washington and on the verge of losing another one before they came back and scored nine runs in the eighth inning there and they lose they get blown out by lanta gone albouy here we go and they win last night i mean it just seems that every game for the mets is critical because if they lose a couple here comes a tailspin they're falling apart and yet they're managing to get it done so yeah it it's the psyche jim i think you've put your finger on it the psyche of the fan of the team you know between the arrogance of some fans and the fear of other fans that everything's gonna fall apart okay let's move on to mike in rockaway east rockaway you're on the fan mike good morning rich always a pleasure rich tuning it you show hearkens back to the any w days and no matter what i'm doing there was a caller before any particular day i wanted to rock and roll but when you're on rich i tune in you know.

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