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It's okay. If I didn't eat meat. I would be like, oh, this is cool. But like, you can't the problem is when you or when I've had one I'm always like, hyper aware of like, I'm comparing every little detail. You shouldn't do that. You should just eat it to one of my friends, and and he fell for it. Nice. He was like there's he's like, it's good. He's like there's something about it. But let's good. And then we're like is it because it's not. We should have filmed it it would've been. They should have given us millions to make that commercial. But yeah, no. He did fall for it. Yeah. I feel like you're right. I think if you're like really fixated on it, obviously, you can your horse. But it's it's a little looser like it doesn't hold together. As like, it doesn't have that. Like, I know there's going to gross Jimmy up, but it doesn't have the fat content. That kind of keeps together you got to cook them from frozen though. That's the thing. Okay. I've only had it at a restaurant. Okay. I make him at home all the time. You can get them at the grocery store now not row or do you? I'm on the grill. We go back to grill grill. Anything it's already. Yeah. Yeah. With that some of that kind of carbon in their exactly some of the carcinogens some cancer has I try to cook pan. And they did not. On me because I can't cook for anything. I've cooked them that way too. But they are more difficult burn really really easily in the cutting. Stick the grill is. Okay. Now that is twice that you've made that sound. I don't think I can get her voice. Yeah. Krill, new guys. Real people go up that high when they're lying or defensive about something that you were just like. What you still have the same you still in the same location? You know that your big TV star. Did you move? I've bought a house. You did get a house, and it's close to here. And so this is the other joke that I've been saving till seeing you guys job excited about is. I'm always driving by to go up Fulton to my house. And I'm always seeing you guys outside. And I have that moment of do. I roll down the window and scream like like an idiot. I'm so far. Every time. It's just like. Like to myself alone in the car windows up Jimmy roll the window down a litter. Fly. Now, you'll know now you'll feel coming love it. You'll feel to come in. I saw a guy walking on the corner today, and I decided to lay on my horn for way, too long to your I'm gonna say confusion. Got it eventually. But I you did not know look at your face was what the fuck is this guy doing because I didn't do when you hear a car honking. You're like what is this guys problem? Nothing was happening. There was no reason to be honky it no one was loaded. My friend. Thanks, very aggressive. Regressive neighborhood. I had a guy honk at me and flipped me off. Yeah, I'm the same corner right here the corner but this corners dangerous man, it's better than in the old days. There was the sky who would drive by and you would roles window down on yell. The F word at me. Very offensive are over. Days are over me that just happened to me like two weeks ago. Fairness you had a dick in your mouth. Right. I should have gone into ours. Where does it happen Garin outside my apartment? What's had some guys said? Yeah. Hey, whatever drive on my me. And my friend said in the corner. What the hell yeah. What's so out about that slur? And that's the tuition is like, you know, you do happen to be gay. But how does that guy? No. I I don't know. I was wearing rainbow hot pants probably stepbrother played into it. So I think it was Halloween. Oh, no, no, no. It was a Monday. Lauren ashes hair, she's got to get to the set. Oh boy. Get no guys that she's on this TV show called superstar. Which is very very funny. It's over there. They got that America Ferrara is on that Colton Dunn is over there are friend, Laura Nash, Steve AG popped up once or twice. He's been in a bunch..

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