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You don't need a dictionary to understand the cold laughing your money. Have we eat your change makers public vickers making change in every sense of the word and along the way have been in or might still be in money rehab. Today i'm talking to ryan or hand hand model turned real estate. Mogul on money rehab. We've talked a lot about best practices around renting versus buying and how to find a home. You love at a price you can afford. I have my own opinions on these topics. As you know but i was really interested to hear how someone who is so deep in the real estate world with think about these big questions of course ryan is an expert on selling houses and apartments which means he is more pro buying than i am across the board but if buying is right for you ryan has some great advice plus i also wanna ask ryan about what the other side of things is like selling. What suggestions does he have for people who work in sales and want to step up their game. Let's find out ryan. Welcome to many rehab. So we start the show with a fun game of never have i ever have you played never ever sure yes pay so unfortunately we don't have actual cocktails for this or any alcohol but this is the money version of never have ever. So if you've done something. Say i have and if you haven't just say i have it go all right. Never have i ever split the bill on a first date. Not the never. Have i ever play the lottery. I never ever attended business school. Are you bummed about that me. Neither never have. I ever lost a credit card all would but i have not lost got never have i ever taken a mental health day shooting future but i have not taken a mental health day. Never having ever disputed a charge on the credit card never having ever bought a used car wings. Actually you know what we were going to be in our first fight as at all right now is a a g wagon brandis. I was not expecting to buy that one. When i went as goes looking at new cars in a car. Guy totally sold these as a guy in new jersey bought this g again. He sent it to brand is in california. It's the whole package. It's insane you drive this thing and it sounds like a frigging guide sore in like a good crazy way. It's all suit up. You brought it home and his wife made get rid of it. And i was like seven miles on it and now he just needs to sell it Ed's where he's at. And i just i got it for like half what it would cost me to recreate that car into that sets are that we have the the personal car. Never have i ever sold a multi million dollar house okay. So let's start at the beginning. How you started doing that. I read the first day in real estate for you was the day the subprime mortgage industry collapse in asia. That true art percent true. That was day. One i i. I was born in texas. I grew up outside boston really as lila for a little bit. But the my formative years so you know junior high high school was was outside boston or shore and the only thing i was good at at any interest in was theater. I was terrible all sorts. My parents made me play every single one of them for at least one season. So get out of my system. Maybe take every single class. So i could see what i would be good at whether any of the theater was the one thing that made sense to me for some reason and so when i graduated college went to college. I was in new york and has agreed jazz six. I was like listen. I got a little bit of money. Saved up from summer work. Grandfather died and left us all like a little bit of money but not a lot you know probably had like twenty grand saves so you know what i'm gonna i'm gonna take this time and a half still young twenty one and i'm gonna move to new york city and i'm trying to steer. Her thing is acting thing. Because i don't do it now when we're gonna do it like twenty years. I have a family and then i nervous breakdown. I never did that thing. I always wanted to do that. And so i moved to your city. And i tried it and i got into opera pretty quickly as an as turns for a while and then i quickly got killed off and just had a hard time making money and so i just try to do odd jobs to make ends meet hand modeling a lot of modeling. Initially we stop on that for one moment. Sure what goes into hand modelling. Your hands are gorgeous. They're so stunning. I i.

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