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In your on Aerial Lopez. Mario Lopez joining me now on Zoom actor-director Comedian, my man Rob Schneider, how's it going, rob. Thank you, mark. Man You look terrific get that blue background. It's very blue. We're in here in the studio eight fi you ever have an opportunity when when this craziness settles down, we'd love to have you come in studio, but it's like love it. It's like it's like a club vibe in here we get the drinks blowing out because you get you get to go to every party. You're at every the Oscars, the enemies you get to everything while. I'll tell you what selfishly I'm kind of excited. I don't have to do those red carpet. Right it's fun. It's fun like the first. The first one's Fund like Golden Globes is fun. Nobody's lost. Everyone's in a good mood. Everyone comes kind of laws to the event. That's cool and then once every template said you kind of see who's GonNa win the rest of the season by the time they get to the Oscars everybody's grumpy. Right right adequate. You've seen him ten times already. Know you're on that doesn't have to say all you're thinking about is how far away am I. Park Yeah Exactly Twenty nine o'clock and they go live. Man but you obviously still enjoy what you do otherwise wouldn't be doing it as long as successful as you are. So offer you boy appreciated. No, I do man I'm a huge fan and entertainment I, really am I, love. I love talking to people like yourself. I Love Movies I. Love. TV. Music, I love stand up comedy and one of my favorite things to do along listening to a live performances to go checkout stand up comedy and obviously we're not able to do that right now. But we are able to check out. Cool. New Specials on TV and congrats on your new Netflix. Special I love this title Asian Mama. Mexican kids. Trying to get half the planet. Thank you. Did you kinda nailed it right. There I got Asia. Mexico. So talk a little bit about that title in in for those not familiar. What can we expect? Well, a lot of people I mean I mean my name's Schneider my dad was Jewish. My Mom's Filipino you know. So this is the STASIO family Pinole. Yeah. Yeah brother and So you. The thing is that I have an Asian mother I. Don't recommend it. But it's it's tough. But at the same time, they put a lot of pressure on you and they they don't they don't. Want you to be successful expected they demanded and I know I used to get you know straight as kid not all the time ago. Mama got strange to go. So what? You're supposed to get straight as you're smart you're. Idiot. That's your job. What do you want? So what do you want to cook? You know that kind of stuff like that. You don't hear me doing about my you don't hear me complaining, cooked and cleaned all day today. What do I get? Right? It kind of pushes you I mean I wouldn't say it's the happiest childhood but. They just expect you to be successful. At the same time like the work ethic from you know from Mexicans is unbelievable. I mean I just like a sense of humor that my wife is used to work on a comedy show in Mexico she was the producer of it. And She gets every Joe. So every joke she teach added so many so many tags and so many things to my act and that's awesome. It's been fun. It's a family affair and M-. My daughter shows up at the end L. King and I said I don't know forever going to do this again. So why don't you come out? Might be fun for you. That's awesome to beautiful cultures. Great Food On..

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