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Few can be a part of it tensing de had testified he fired his gun because he feared he was going to be killed as dubos drove away will tenzing's arm was pinned in his car to most families demanding a third trial a north texas medical examiner's identified a body found in landfill as that a 14yearold kaitlan cargo missing since monday evening becher texas police chief jeff gibson says his department is determined to solver data find the answers that this family and this community to serve on monday caitlyn ask a friend at a dog park to watch your dog for a minute she never read turned onto maguire the grisly bear population has bounced back in the yellowstone national park area the montana fish wildlife parks laurie wolf's as protections that have been in place for more than forty years saved the bears from being wiped out all analysts say huge success story people montana mostly poverty excited about it and what we have take species is on record extinction recovered it to ecosystems is highly fail interest grows just because they're no longer threatened hunting of grizzlies in and round yellowstone won't be happening anytime soon rouse to move forward are hunting on right now we are really focus still on the conservation of the species and will take after our normal process likely to other species we will have commissioner meetings on it that will be over for public comment and we will not far from that grizzlies an all continental us states except alaska have been protected under the endangered species act since 1905 75 with just one hundred thirty six bears roamed in and around your down there there are now an estimated seven hundred grizzlies in the area that includes northwestern wyoming southwestern montana in eastern idaho for the ap i'm rob lowe friends with ribbit they're calling it a sweet success nearly two million gallons of maple syrup flowed out of vermont this season and that's the second highest amount on record the us department of agriculture says about five and a half million mapletrees were tapped in vermont twelve percent more than last year producers tap tree his early this season because of the warmer temperatures the season lasted a couple of days longer than last year forty six as opposed to forty four vermont is the leading maple syrup.

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