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California from the remnants of tropical storm believe that our mountains even have a 20% chance of rain and thunderstorms for the first time this summer. Anthony Honest NBC for Right now, it's 73 in Laguna Beach, 84 in Anaheim, 81 in West Hollywood and 88 in Burbank. We leave local life from the cave by 24 hour news room. I'm Gina grad. If I am a 6 40 Conway show you before we get to Steve Gregor. Actually, Steve Gregory, conjoined us on this but the Halles in studio, But let's get some audio here. Those fires unbelievable. The smoke coming out of this lake fire 7000 acres. It's grown by 1000 acres over the last hours. You're a percent containment. Pine Canyon Road and Highway 1 38 highway 1 38 is that back road that you go that you used to get from the five back through Palmdale? You know, if you're coming down from Bakersfield, you go through the Gorman there and you jump on the 1 38 Get through the back way there, and that's what's going on. But, man Oh, man, the smoke coming off this fire, and we're looking at You know, Tomorrow's going to be not bad, Heat wise. But Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 100 degrees the Valley and they got to get ahold of this one soon, man. These trees are huge, actually produce any rain or Sprinkles, but it is going to bring moisture and that will fall. And as it does it will who's on his way to Stephen is a little bit of good news because we are at least going to get a tiny bit of relief from the low relative humidity once It's going. It's going to the humanity is going to find tomorrow because of the hurricane that's turning out in the Pacific, and it might get some rain. But again with the rain, Maybe there's lightning. Who knows? Big Ridge of high pressure building from this? You gotta try and Channel five and see just the amount of smoke these air, huge trees that probably haven't burned in. I don't know maybe 100 years or so. I don't know the exact number, but it looks like that type of shrubbery that has not burned in a long,.

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