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One was our favorite fantasy fused calls essentially and that good. We sampled that video and put it in we as Brat he's in school so we We left it in there. At the end we ended the record. I'M NOT GONNA listen to that song again about like this is no way what Let's go back to touring a little bit. What was it like saw x? Ambassadors is on your list to how how long how long ago was that two years ago We we've done some. I guess you'd say like one off shows in the states with them in the past And then we did a Canadian tour with them. Yeah all account Toronto Vancouver and all the big yeah Vancouver all the way across lookout jury Montreal which is one of our favorite cities the play but They're they're the best. They're so cool. And through that time of your first album release thing then yeah this is leading up to waking up the giants But yeah just another We've been really lucky in the band who supported that they've generally been really cool really talented and an inspiring and ex ambassador at the top of that list. It's it's no surprise the success that they've had to see how hard they work. You know I mean all of them. Sam tickle monster. United UNSTOPPABLE FORCE GET. I.

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