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It means a lot to rodrigo mexican. And i'm proud of my legacy. I'm proud of my identity. A big part of my identity. Is this tequila thing. And this miscount thing. Every year to kill experts bring in the equivalent of more than a billion. Us dollars to mexico and around forty thousand. Mexican families are connected to the blue gov industry so this is deeply embedded in our economy but it social deeply embedded in our culture. I love this. I love this russia. Yeah it's pretty remarkable aren't not. That's all the facts macking. We can fit into one episode. But i'll leave you with this. If you like your. That goes in the midnight. If you like your coffee your team. If you like wearing your shirt on you wait an amazing spanish by full of rice. There is your connection to every day of your life every day of your listeners. Life is connected to bats and the least we can do because of this is to thank them to raise our glass of the keila and the first sip to drink to the health of bites so the long life of bats. I mean i'll drink to that. Cheers the bats. Russia's here's the bats cheers for bats mattie so a huge thanks rodrigue. Oh for sharing his expertise with us and a huge thanks to you. Russia for drop and facts and talking smack for the first time ever on air anytime natty. It was a joy. Thanks for having me. This episode was produced by thomas. Lou edited by viet lay in fact checked by indie. Cara the audio engineer was patrick. Murray i.

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