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I mean, the way moved around in the pocket, footwork. Everything. Great through a couple of touchdowns. I mean now the more you could really ask for in the guy's first game as a Cleveland Brown completed. Eleven out of twenty passes two hundred twelve yards. Two touchdowns. Helped the Browns win that game twenty to ten. So I mean, Baker Mayfield either is going to be a very good quarterback in the near future. But I don't think he needs to start the sees of course, unless tyrod Taylor is absolutely terrible, which I don't see happening. Because I mean, if you look at it. Tyrod Taylor is a very good quarterback, actually, very good might be bit out there. I'd say a good quarterback doesn't turn the ball over and can win. You ballgames. And the Browns here they got a lot of pressure on them. Because of the fact that if may feel doesn't. If may feel doesn't end up being the quarterback. They're expecting them to. Then that sets the team back another five years. But I mean, that's all team has been doing studying themselves back. The Browns have gone through guys like Johnny Manziel, Brandon Weeden Tim couch. I mean, the list goes on. They're just looking for that one quarterback. You know what that quarterback could end up being tyrod Taylor. I mean, let's say that somehow some way. Tyrod Taylor ends up taking the Browns to the playoffs. Are you going to tell me that. Debrums are just going to say, thanks, you can go. Now, Baker Mayfield are guy. I mean, come on now. Because the Browns only got tyrod on a one year deal. And. I'm just thinking that. I mean, the Browns could win anywhere from seven to ten games this season. And let's say tyrod gets eight. Okay. Let's say that happens. I mean, do you really trust Baker Mayfield to keep your team plan as well. I'm not too sure. And it seems like Browns fans, the majority of want may feel as the starting quarterback week, what. Browns fans, I think are pretty well heard when it comes to the team. But I think here from Hugh Jackson, Todd, Haley, and all those guys, I'm ignoring every single Browns fan opinion. And that's the way it should go. I mean, I don't like how teams tend to give into. Fans want. Meeting, they want this guy to start that guy starts next week. Obviously, with other situations, it's different. But with this one, tyrod Taylor needs to be the week. One starting quarterback for this team, plain and simple. Don't even question. It tyrod needs to be the start. Anyone who doesn't think tyrod Taylor is a good quarterback is either a bills fan or someone who has never watched them. Bills fans think Josh Allen is the second coming, and he's going to be much better than tyrod Taylor and it's crazy. Bills fans went twenty or so years without watching their team in the playoffs. And the year this guy takes them there. Oh, tyrod. It's not that good. Josh Allen is much better. Get out of here. You're team was garbage last season and they should be happy with the fact that they even got to the wildcard game. Then that was because tyrod Taylor also that defense, I will sick. I mean, you're receivers were absolutely terrible. Kelvin Benjamin, I mean, prove my point, dude, things he's way better than what he actually is. I mean, I still don't get how you call out Cam new. Shannon, Sharpe site at best Cam Newton wasn't the one. This isn't worth for word, but Cam Newton wasn't the one push towards the buffet. Let's not forget that one time. Kelvin. Benjamin showed up extremely overweight at cap. I'm not sure that was Cam Nunes fault. There. Kelham Benjamin's got talent, but I mean the dude isn't that good. Zeh Jones was terrible. They brought on Corey Coleman. It could be a solid number two receiver in the NFL if he stays on the field, which he hasn't been able to do. So getting back to the point. I mean, tyrod Taylor did a whole lot with all that less last season. So. Like I said, I don't really understand why people don't like them as a quarterback. Like I said, it's your bills fan or you just have a wash them. So I mean, you can't help you..

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