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Now. For Mark Malone. It's Ryan Weber. Fine allow the program that will do it again tomorrow than the back was he on Saturday for the final instalment of the Brian Weber showed them we shut down the hot take factory at least my involvement in it. Because it just like that classic scene from I love Lucy with a conveyor belt just keeps on spinning. The content piece lot more to get done in the next few days. We have more business to attend to in this final hour of the show with thirty minutes. Talking NBA LeBron's growing warrior issues who's the best team in the east will cover it all Kurt healing from pro basketball, talk dot com. Get back to the college football analysis. I rarely agree with Nick Sabin on many things, I think he is a petty tyrant. I respect his coaching accurate as achievements. I just don't like the way he handles things. And some of this is a byproduct of an anecdote from years ago. It's going to be storytime with on cool Bri during the holidays. Because I know you love it. When I read my resume. Let's go back here. That's the one thousand nine hundred ninety six. I'm calling Stanford football on the radio must have really screwed that job up because I only had it for one year. Now in my defense, the radio station changed so new station wants a new guy. Plus, I was twenty six I know. This is stunning. I was feeling pretty good about myself and my mid twenties, and I was working with a guy who was seventy-five and did not want to be in the booth on may, but great experience, and I love college football as much as I love the NFL. So the spend that kind of year around the program, I was allowed to sit in on coaches meetings. I had incredible access because Tyrone Willingham is a very generous person. Now, I know it didn't work out at Washington. Also notice the never coached again because he's got pride. And yes, if you go winless that is a major demurred on your resume, but he's a man of faith a man of character a man of integrity. He also transform Stanford had a good. Run initially at Notre Dame. So as I'm calling the games that year Stanford winds up at the sun bowl. Now when Stanford was terrible. That was the big deal and Harbaugh shows up changes everything David Shaw sustains it, but especially as an alum remembering how bad that program was to go to any bowl game was significant. We were taking on Michigan state. We at the time because I was calling the games. I speak French here on NBC sports radio saban's coaching Michigan state. He's transform that program. That was down since George poor walked away. Most of the chatter that week was. Is gonna stay at Michigan state, and he's sitting up there at the data's being peppered with questions saying all the right things about this is a dream job. I'm amid west guy, I'm here in the big ten. I know what? The history of Michigan state is the tie with Notre Dame in nineteen sixty six Duffy Daugherty company. Bubba smith. And some phenomenal players in the late nineteen sixties and Sabin the saying all these things like he's running for governor. What happened? SEC called. Now what happened? The NFL calls, and then what happened Alabama coal? So I don't begrudge coaches taking advantage of opportunities. Now, I would like to see much more player movement. And if you have a problem with the graduate transfer rule, that's a you problem if somebody has already gotten their degree they have the right to move to a different team. And yes, it's changed college football. But the whole system is broken..

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