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Have handled issue but. That is not my concern. Then, on the list next is. Mentioned Emerson previous have my to shop at the if I'm repeating stories but interesting. Into Cooler. Interesting. Interesting video. Clip. From knows what the next door show on. No jump at didn't to swap pushing way he's provided a platform for Selena power known skis bag in hip hop and a couple of friends who are also known to be a little bit loose and they she sit down and air out everyone's Day laundry right? Essentially the premise of the show. If you are young athlete rapper who has some kind of pigment in the skin, you'll have somehow been subjected to Dijon Ladies Sexual advances no not obviously deferred lady I. Think she happens to be chief Keith baby could slim danger, which is a very appropriate name for somebody that will be carrying or has looked after all is the mother of Tiki. Child soon date record that but. Yeah, it's an interesting one because. I was just thinking about like. Especially being a fan of no jumper and watching him grow and also watching themselves of evolved show vote The channel we both the store, and whatever he's doing outside of it is interesting to see him kind of pivot indirection really solve leaning of course, our our outside the show he saw leaning in really hardcore into the porn. Right is continuing link to film scenes of his. Illustrious. Sex Worker Girlfriend of the engagement to show, but they've solved CARBONARA. Lane. Little progress smashing on only fans from live here. She's doing very well. I haven't checked I don't know anything about it but from what here grapevine she's doing very very well, and he sort of lean to an decided hey, this is my thing but then he's also decided to provide. He's also decided to turn no jumper channel into an anti six nine channel and also platform to denigrate. Some permanent black athletes rep is who I think are probably beyond reproach I think there's people that you don't necessarily for instance, him nine made into side. In power to short thing. I'm sure still in the power had. Much of she added out snoop Dogg before the show. But let's let's imagine my time nine works and seeing the power new doug when she was on no jumper, there's a pommie thinks. Seeing the Power Co. have some really high high class buddies on them. Right have some big names, right? Not some play people. So pardon me things. Hey. It might be risky if you're if you're Adam to essentially plays off a position way, provide Nico a platform for it. 'CAUSE is a my end per in deals that you have coming in the future that you have. No idea have any correlation with that sort of thing. That's how the industry basic works you have to play Nice everybody because you never know who might. End Up being bloody you the program director of Radio Station all the manager, whoever labor in you have to kind of pretend to be nested funny thing about idea tame award ever pretending to be nice to each other because they're worried that this person might end up being the next you know Jay Z or something it's insane. Leo Colino. But pardon me thinks maybe. Providing these skills a platform to speak you know very badly. Negatively to expose some secrets that probably means expose about certain individuals in hippo or in hip hop culture and black coach in general and America might be very detrimental to he's over a success of the channel away ends of going. You might just have paint himself into a corner now where he will have the opportunity to maybe interview some of the people that he wants because of the association that show has with these kind of skis, slag skits wherever they. Would they take offensive to mosquito I wonder if they would my other things, right I think other people friend if you're pretentious slice, 'cause there'd be like this different like men doing that as different is it really is the world works and unfortunately some people do one thing and it's not one you know for instance, that lady has been accused of blackfish in what's her name Jessica Craig right she's no different to an Arianna differences, but no one says if Mariner Gunda because people love her when people die, she likes you if you have a disagreeable. It makes it easier to pick up what you do and of dismissed you in some way shape or form bottom I just look this stuff and I think like, why is the point of this like why would you give these gills platform disorder thing and of course is Can do what they want their bodies free but would you want to be remembered like this is this is like the we it evolution or the natural evolution of Super Super Remember Superior from back in a day. Right she read that tell all book and your mouth big of a deal superheroes where Shiva book dowse a big deal. But she revealed you know intimate details think about Lil Wayne or somebody's got damn. You never knew diesel things are now you hit the stuff about the Beckham suppos-ably and it doesn't even. If, it was a new cycle for a day. At best and it just kind of go forgot about, which is a good thing. It's definitely could you if your Bj but? I'm not sure if this tactic for them into going forward. That's just basically my opinion. Again, I've no need to play other already care if you WANNA find. Yourself as you want to find out why what your favorite American football plays into a bedroom I don't really want to know I never do is is annoying when you stumble upon a story or an expose on somebody social because it happens a pop into your feed. Vida Algorithms. Finding a Pacific nation about people they don't need to find out Rice I. Why do I notice you know? This is one of those kind of examples. Yeah. This move one. Fires fires in the bay area is seems like the sky is red I'm sure some of you have seen in your feed, those pictures of people posting images of downtown, San, Francisco way since she'd entice skydive looks like a scene now of blade twenty, four, nine right madness and his nautical about it from seven years his looked so orange, even though the bear your equity is in terrible it says the sky of the Bay Area air looked apocalyptic once again, Wednesday morning even though equity San Francisco Peninsula South Bay is much a was relatively good on Tuesday. We had to win to blame for the smoky skies lack of smokey smell the smoke was coming in from the August complex fire near Montecito national forest but high winds were keeping the smoke hi, chew settling near surface on Wednesday morning. The wind shifted now bringing the ash from rapidly growing bear FAI INITI-. Down over the bay area. By the same time, there's a marine layer. That's US explained ABC News Merges Mike Niko the marine layer stable. He says area of air that there's no rice. So we continually pumping in the cleanser. Clean. Air From the sea that's why the sky so dark with yellow. Orange. But, you may not smell smoke when you step outside like how Nali must have be stepping house and senior just imagine. You were living in lockdown rise is the state hasn't done a good job corona, right so you're thinking when I'm ever going to get back to normal one other than to work right when can I go see my friend go hang out with my family and then you open your window in the morning with your with your mother coughing. Right you. You try and say happy to and say good morning to university lookout and you just see that like that must be so scary. The Jimmy Look at that is insane legit insane in it. legit. Look at this..

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