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Who could you recast for the vincent price role who what about jeremy irons too dry to the dry <hes> richard jenkins yeah yeah he's great and everything yeah jenkins's saw ian mckellen. He's probably too old china deaf. I know i know but this could be coming back. Bring it back around. You know i i have. I'm a little bit tired of johnny. Depp right what he's great in is ed wood. Yes he is fantastic in that that was johnny johnny depp and tim burton both in their in their where they were just unstoppable yeah one thousand nine hundred four. I think something around that what happened to those guys i. I don't think i could watch gotcha. Tim burton movie now but like edwards one of the best movies ever made. I love it. I don't i don't know i don't know why that's sort of seems to be the the story you see over and over and media and were specifically in hollywood but they do seem to have past their prime but i don't know i mean and johnny depp. He's like in his forties way but but then again we're asking the questions like how could somebody lose their creative zeal and or their actual soul all in hollywood hollywood is known for consuming these two quantities sometimes they look at rapid speed right from the very beginning to right from the very beginning of hollywood. Yeah yeah ed would never lost no. That's not true that would true. He did kind of lose it in the jank himself to dan yeah. There's there's like bride. The bride of the energy bride of the monster has lashed bride of the atom bright of the it changed names a couple of times. I think exactly that movies got just fantastic. It's rush got logo and it's got <hes> <hes> the the whipping and oh great bela lugosi great bill. Go see a and <hes> and even you know plan nine bill. Go see wasn't really in it but it was his last film well. He's in a couple of shots. I guess yeah or one shot. Maybe it's it's a few i just watched the whole movie and it is a few. It's maybe three but that's still got great energy. I think later on and woodwind onto he started making candlelight southern orrin porno movies. There's there's sort of connection between <hes> one of the reasons that tim burton cited for wanting to do the edward movie was his relationship with vincent price timber because you know he's big phantom vince braces or hands as a kid and <hes> and then vincent price ended up working on like his first short i think could they worked together twice. I believe and similar to the way similar relationship that ed wood had with bela lugosi. Oh see what's what's the next one with the next one in that continuum. That's how you play real. Young filmmaker befriends tom mm-hmm atkins. He's like the elder statesman of horror. Tom atkins gets a late career revival. Oh maybe tom atkins can play the <hes> the vincent price role in the tingler remai-. He's more rough and tumble. We need vincent price. Type could recast the the character could become more of a kennel coors stricken down the scientists have aroused dow dour in weight roused our rows rouse dowry in roused dowry hero yeah yeah that would okay yeah. I'm on board for that as long as it gets remade. I'm on board i. I hope that they vibrate the seats in theaters. Yes i hope that makes a comeback. I wanna see more gimmicks like that. At the theater they need to do it that they want me to show up and go through the whole rigmarole to come in and see the film whilst would you yeah well. We'll have giant flat screens at home and everything on demand then again. I wonder maybe what we need are more intermissions intermissions or those specialized intermissions like william castle used one of these where you're supposed to take an intermission right before the climax of the film decide if you've got what it takes and if if you don't you can go and get a refund and leave or there is a werewolf film <hes> the werewolf break yeah. We had the werewolf break where you had to decide. Who's the werewolf..

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