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That out east doing stand up comedy throughout the country as well he actually didn't get like the golden buzzer yeah you got the golden buzzer yeah he's got towel straight into the finals yeah and then we have a bunch more guests lined up for the david frum sent lodge scheduled just kinda like you guys like all over the world been talking to jerry fore fucking months to try to get him to come on it's just hard with schedules and everything which we completely get and understand and yeah with my schedule being gone and then their schedule being gone a lot we're trying to get all the stars to line up perfectly but we have david from saint logic says well coming up so a bunch of good guests coming up jerry i wanna thank you personally sir for coming in studio today very very cool of you learned a lot i'm going to be talking to a lot here in the upcoming days and weeks about a psa know about psa and one of think sean for hitting the boards is usually show producer did a wonderful job lisa's far as we know he did a wonderful job thanks nick white for being in the fucking studio today it's actually the dog show with nick and joe today yeah we actually have some nikkan is men talk and you know with him traveling a lot doing a lot of celebrity obedience we've been talking we have some plans of some pretty cool shit coming up take the show on the road of lee take the show on the road so bryan callen via good one to start stay tuned to that for sure and yet in thank you of course to our sponsors and dna bites dot com the cbd dot com whistled dot com discount code dog show we appreciate everybody to an we are ranked number twenty twenty two in the country right now on itunes so thank you for the support please download please subscribe the video show the video we'll see next week.

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