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Business minute with Amazon prime day twenty nineteen in the books toy companies are sizing up potential hits and misses I made an interesting holiday outside of what we typically think about it the toy holiday this year twenty makers including Barbies Mattel and Bratz dolls maker am G. A. entertainment offered new products for Amazon's mid summer sales event Stefanie Wyss sink as an analyst at Jefferies she says the toy companies are learning about how consumers are changing their behaviors both online and off forcing companies had sting ideas in the middle of July to see what the consumers responses and that will help inform their strategies or the big important holiday in the fourth quarter Jeffries estimates that some seventy percent of toys sales occur in the final three months of the year and well July is typically a slow time for toys sales the bankruptcy of toys R. us is given toy makers another prime motivation to make a big splash on prime day all the trade makers are paying more attention to Amazon given the absence of toys R. us as a partner I'm Jeanne Meserve Eddie Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's newsradio eighty five degrees in Boston an excessive heat warning in effect through tomorrow night when you get to the mid and upper nineties today about six hundred fifty million of people on earth watched or listened to Neil Armstrong's first words from the surface of the moon fifty years ago today ABC's Brian Clark tells us it was a long day Neil Armstrong and buzz Aldrin landed on the moon surface shortly after four PM eastern time fifty years ago today but it was nearly seven hours later when the lunar module hatch opened and thirty eight year old Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon Armstrong and Aldrin spent more than twenty one hours on the moon before lifting off and docking with the command module or Michael Collins had maintained a solitary orbit around the moon Brian Clark ABC news a Wooster Polytech student in mechanical engineering says the Apollo eleven mission sparked his passion for science Alex Castaneda tells us why he's going to Florida in a couple weeks ago a PhD student and my adviser as well as to NASA collaborators will be actually flying on a zero gravity parabolic flight down in Orlando in order to test our equipment out in a zero gravity environment.

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