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In Europe and the UK and the U.S.. Thanks to doctor Monica Gandhi of the University of California. Coming up, the CFPB has a new report on those buy now pay later companies. I talked to director Rohit Chopra about what he found out that's next, you're listening to bounce of power on Bloomberg radio. This is Bloomberg. But I know of circle is spring together developers and entrepreneurs from around the world to continue building on the momentum of the ecosystem surrounding USD C we'll hear from thought leaders and change makers on where the digital asset industry is today and more importantly, where it's headed. Join us in San Francisco for circles converge 22 from September 27th to the 30th to shape the future of money and a digital asset ecosystem. Go to converge that circle dot com to register and learn more. About courage, I learned from my adoptive mom. She said sometimes you just gotta hold on, and no we'll get through this Mom, we are so high up on my hand. No, you hold my hand. Here we go. Learn about adopting a team from foster care. You can't imagine the reward. Visit adopt U.S. kids dot org to find out more. I learned patience for my adoptive dad. All he had to say was. Hey, you got this. Just breathe. Hey. We're pretty good. Yeah. I

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