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But now now that straight, Nate moved from New York City to Connecticut. He's now nutmeg. You don't make fun of us nut makers because nutmeg er- is a term for somebody from Connecticut as like, you said, Connecticut? Yes, Kaneta cut in, but we're nutmeg IRS and you can't make fun of us. Now you can't make fun of the great state of Connecticut. I'm not making fun of anyone else. Scary was implying, this is a close. Gary actually said that they haven pizza was better than what he knows that the New York pizza's better tried Stacy's. I've tried them. By the way, happens a guy from Brooklyn New yorker saying that his pizza is second rate to another person to another town's pizza is dangerous. That is not good. You're gonna. You're gonna Charlemagne's cards at this point. Come over and take. All right. What business do we need to take care of before we move forward? Oh, as you know, we own a cruise line. Norwegian cruise line owned and operated by the Elvis Duran morning show. We have sixteen ships to cruise on one of them. Of course, our favorite, the crown jewel is the Norwegian bliss. I'll make a deal with you go online in Boca crews on their Jim bliss tomorrow, and we'll pay for your airfare to get you to the point of disembarkment, but it's only tomorrow non bliss nets on joy to Alaska. Yes. I'm so confused. Go to NC l. dot com and book a cruise tomorrow. What are you doing frog? Can you help me out with this? You're sitting there. Hello? Yeah, I get asked me.

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