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That our blood starts pumping are hark races getting blood to our large muscle groups to help us fighter run our breathing increases to accident eight our blood and muscles and brain getting us ready to fight iran mall of the blood that kwon to our gastrointestinal system is shunted to our brain and large muscle groups again in getting us to fighter and with those things we have symptoms people feel their heart beating faster that's a symptom of anxiety they feel themselves breathing faster that can be a symptom of anxiety they feel themselves shaky or sweaty that can be a symptom of anxiety they guy it um stomach aches and my gut issues that can be a symptom of anxiety so that fighter flight response gone awry is those symptoms of anxiety so really what you're saying is our kids are living in an environment where they're they're getting a lot of trigger here's that are frightening obvious sent a subconscious level and they're just kind of overreacting not because they want to or but but that's kind of how they're wire to their kids with anxiety or living in sort of a constant state of fear of it gets very accurate assessment of things and then there's that interplay because as you know our society has changed so much over time that has also kind of contributed to that we're in the past if you will the majority of us did a lot of physically intensive exercise were morris sedentary society and exercise has great to help prevent anxiety in treating side right in the past we you know eight because we needed that nutrition for abrines and bodies and now there's a lot of junk food unhealthy foods that taste good that we eat just to eat not because we necessarily need bet nutrition.

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