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Tony. Aced the ladder. A little bit. Better than Jeremy Tony I mean. They have ladder experience over onto college. They know exactly. What's up Tony say when I designed it like that I designed very simple? Rob Is GonNA throw the ropes. Try to pull the climb the wall. I was surprised that they didn't have Jeremy. Do this considering Jeremy One them there are only immunity challenge by throwing things figure. Jeremy's pretty good at that. But Ben is the one that's going to eventually come in and finish that off. But it gives the Dakota tribe the red tribe a big head. Start on the puzzle. Probst when I said they had like two to three minutes of head. Start on that puzzle. We do see rob and Michelle Right. Who's with rob and close the gap on? It was so fi and somebody else and Wendell was being very active and vocal. I always think these survivor challenges. The Matt has to actively solve the puzzle right. Well Oh my God. They're very important if you can look at that one. They're almost more important than I'd the people solving the puzzle or more important but they're very important. They're identical puzzles. What pieces you can look answers right to your right. Just look at the answer and then tell your tribe where to put it so part of very involved as well near the end when the blue team was rallying poverty was take this take here take this take their windows reactive from the man who was it was so Sarah. They're saying the Sarah Sarah. That's why we also Russell hands has once again joined us in the chat Cheering on atom. Nice stood album fellow. Adam Adam Fan as well gives you a Russell. A legend of a game for sure started. We were talking about last night. Actually our little survivor watch party. We're talking about how Russell in Somalia really reinvigorated the show for Cheyenne. Absolutely all right anyway. The challenge comes down to the last piece very very very exciting. Sometimes these editors they ended it to Feign. That is closed. And but this one you could tell when when they have the wide shot and you can see how close it is. Then you know this is actually close when they're cutting back and forth. It's like okay. Is it really that? Close the amazing race kind of thing where it saw their neck and neck and then an hour later they show Akwa so to call is going to to end up taking this one and that means that Sela the blue tribe is going to be heading to tribal once again before we cut to commercial denise tells us this is a critical vote could really blow up some people's games It's good it's GonNa be it's GonNa be. Poverty was not the not the. What is Denise Tribal Immunity? Winning percentage like four one one of seventeen or something in the history of heard of her time on the show. I'm telling you Denise Denise and tribal challenges like one out of fifteen or something like she's like I think Tyson is like really up. There in terms of his tribe gets a lot of immunities is very very very good at these good of these games. So that's right. So blue tribe is going to go from eight to seven Lou. Tribe is going back to see jeff and we'll come back from progressional and there's this amazing amazing shot right seeing my goodness. This is fantastic. This is prime survivor. This is the content we want. There's amazing shots. We go back to the blue tribe. Everyone's got an old fashioned standoff. No one wants to make the first move is our Darton back and forth and I think we gotta give you confessionals. I think it was Jeremy who stood up first and went to the beach. Yeah I love this show for beautiful. Music was awesome. They cut to every single person's face like sitting around the fire. Rob Tells Us. This is not a normal season of survivor. Everybody knows what they're doing. Michelle says nobody wants to be the first to walk off but Jeremy is going to say I knew I knew Ben would follow me if I got up so but as soon as as soon as we get up the guns are GonNa be out there going to be shooting. The knives are going to be stabbing. It's GonNa be it's GonNa be chaos in this. This is so so fun to watch this tribe and I love that. Every single person is on point strategically ready playing the game hard. This is great stuff. It's incredible this is so so. So good. And this tribe is really demoralized. Going to tribal three out of four is is really really tough. They could've used a break. They could easily break to reset mentally after the Dan vote but no they go right back to it so instantly we sweet. We get a vibe. That poverty is in trouble. We have seen where she's swimming. She's she's swimming ourselves. She's on the beach just chilling and then it seems like all five of those newer school players come together. They talk through the pros the cons and it seems like they really do. WanNa keep rob around for maybe challenge ability. You Suck. He's done well. These challenges has been like. I've heard that a lot like this. It must be challenged ability. But I'm actually. I'm not sure that's the case. A girl hearing from Adam Rob trusts me hearing from from seeing what Jeremy and Michelle are doing and what they might be doing in the future. I actually feel like it's less so challenging challenges. It's more so that they feel that they have a good of the three of them. They feel the best relationship with rob and that they can use him moving forward and they want to keep him around for as long as possible. They just need to make sure that he doesn't have enough power to overpower. It's like they want. They want the big lion as they're like attack dog but but they can't they need to keep it in the cage because it's a very dangerous animal and if they let it have too much power if they leave the cage. Unlock THE LINES. GonNa eat them. So they're playing dangerous game here but it does seem like it's the case and I thought very interesting here. We hear from Ben now just just earlier in the episode. Ben was saying I want route. But they're saying PARV so fine but now he's telling us in confessional just half episode later Parviz Parviz the most dangerous because she can manipulate people. Which is scarier than ROB or Ethan? He has been convinced. Like we see this on big brother all the time where somebody feels a certain way and then they have conversations and then they feel a different way and they have no idea that their mind has been changed by somebody else. They think that they came up with this on their own. And I feel like this is what we're getting from Ben here that he has been completely convinced that poverty is the one that needs to go and now he doesn't want rob to go instead. Yeah it seems like Adam was the main person pushing for poverty pushing for pushing for poverty because Adam like you said thinks he can trust rob so it seems like hey the five people. They don't have an idol. We're not splitting votes. Let's put our votes towards poverty. Then Adam beings hey maybe I can still vote party but salvage something with boss arrives. We have this amazing scene where rob is sitting with. Adam. There's an rob says there's a national I though it was. It's the worst confessional. I think he has in the episode. Where he oh. It's impossible to vote somebody off in this tribe and not piss someone else off in this group or is and he gives this like very cocky smirk and it's like if this worked that would've been fantastic blow when it doesn't work it looks. It looks bad it looks at them. Yeah and obviously I mean. We're not here to talk about big brother. Canada I've been there over and over and over and over again like over arrogance cockiness and just have you know just just unable to execute. He's on the winner season. Shoot for the stars one. Yeah why not if you can look cocky and arrogant and then also perform on the all winter season. You will cement your legacy forever. Yes go and play again Adam. Coming into the season out of the twenty winner is people would consider him bottom tier compared to its competition. If he just lays around he can easily slip into a goat spot. Go Try blindside poverty. Someone vitalized your whole life. Why not you know. You're an all winter. You're you won the game. You're playing on how this money is. Nothing else to prove you know even though we get a confessional from Michelle later that she says even though I want to have something to prove and I feel like adamant something to prove. So he like. We said the plan to band together. We can rob take up. Harvey great fantastic. There are other options. The execution here for Adam to go to rob is mind blowing. This this was this was insane. He tries to turn the tables on Rob and be the godfather be like the other Mafia boss. That's like you've lost and now you must submit yourself to me. Rob Comes to Adamy says all right. We're going to do. I'm thinking we're thinking Ben Affleck's role play this. I'll be out of here. You are right so ben. Jeremy Thinking Ben no no Michelle. Jeremy No are you willing to do anything else? You want to go there. He would you consider it. I'm open to it. Robs us the open but again the body language is robbed? The thing is when in the history. We've had rob on the show a lot when in the history has rob ever been okay with this? You know right and that's would win is like Adam is try like he's he will come for you in the long term. You know it and rob play continues to be. Are you sure you have the numbers are you? Sure and he's yes. I'm telling you he's like dude so I going to still be protected after I have your back one hundred percent and then we get a confessional from rob being like who does this punk. Think he is basically that he's going to vote on my number one albee okay with. Is this crazy crazy? Play like that? He's seen every episode. He knows he's like that. Take a shot at poverty but I feel like you. Don't tell rob the plan ever ever for multiple reasons. A if he knows the plan they are able to counter it with idols which are almost played every single episode. You know you can't let him know the plan or take and just men the fence the next day. Hey I'd to do this for ABC. I hope you're not mad. I hope we can work together. I feel like telling him before is just so suicidal. It's still crazy. And obviously there's content. We're not getting from the show. And but after the season airs and Adam can talk more freely really curious to to to dive into his mind and it was very baffling and it made me out of the TV ad. Made me think my good friend of a friend. Adam was going home this episode for sure. Yeah I don't tell you don't go against the Godfather and this. This is a repeat of a line. He said in the previous episode. You don't go against the Godfather. He's a Boston. Rob Is somebody that I want to work with long term. And he says strategically telling people some truths at the right time can be very helpful. I didn't millennials versus Gen X. Is backfired on a lot of people who played this game. But I think it can work and just watching. The scene was nuts to me to see even though Boston Boston. You don't know for sure that Boston. Rob Is is acting in this scene. Like you have a feeling that he's not gonNA take this lying down but just seeing. Adam being in the driver's seat and Boston rob sitting there being like. Oh Man Dude like but what about me am I going to be okay? Don't worry I got you like what a role reversal. It was so weird that whole dynamic was just so strange and of course rob is GonNa have none of it and so he goes straight to Michelle Jeremy and another great scene. I tried to like watch the facial expressions as much as I could..

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