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Started this trend of compost top dressing innovated here in Houston over twenty years ago Joe importer get us started this hour thank you so I have a I have a couple acres and I have a little I guess from farmers from coach pigs and chickens and but not my field I have this really nuisance plant that I want to get rid of and it's got a really tough it's dark green and it has some really tough yeah I'm a stop you right there you can describe it all you want but until I see it I'm not gonna be able identify for it is there any chance to get out there today in between the next now in ten o'clock get a picture of it get into us for identification purposes yeah I'm I'm standing in front of it right now I do this taking pictures get off the phone me taking pictures of the phone go immediately to KTR H. dot com and click on the email link and send an adjuster need permission to send that quickly all right and when you get the automatic reply back you'll definitely be able to attach those pictures let's do one more now let's let's try to stay close to the clock right now Barbara women's hang tight I'll give you plenty of time on the backside is break then got Mike in Friendswood who also is sending in pictures and I do know that email because I saw that pop in just a little while ago so again if you need to have something identified we just ask you to send in a like a permission slip first so we don't it just set up it's set up in such a way that you just can't attach pictures without getting their permission slip so keep that in mind and I listed a lady earlier that I haven't heard from her yet so we'll see whether or not she was listening fully this morning there's a lot of people unfortunately they just send in pictures and don't really pay attention to the radio show and they don't know that their pictures aren't really going through because they just think it's an email answering service sorry it's not a set as the automatic reply says apologies up front but this is not an email answering service you will really need to call into the show one ship but use this automatic reply as your permission slip to attach pictures legally when forget let me talk about that real quick before we get to the full break because they've got this new hits on the end of the hose product that really makes a whole lot of sense hi if you are familiar with wet and forget then you know how good the product works and you mix it in a pump up sprayer but you add a pop of sprayer can't get to the second story can get to the roof of certain houses so they've come up with one you just hook on to the end of the hose which kind of makes a lot of sense to me it's the hose and when forget Hosen and it'll reset his stories always real hard to reach places big plays like driveways being a big wide swath the driveway you want to work so really easy to use products check out wet and forget dot com there's a link there that shows you everywhere you can pick up their products with you still want to go with the old standard one the use and pump up sprayers that's crazy but the link there to find a store and that's a lot of the ace hardware stores we talk about also a lot of.

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