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Now I will summarize these comments in Spanish you're listening to W. L. as this is doctor named Ghazi Izzy K. the Illinois state public health director announcing the new numbers in the past day we've had nine hundred thirty seven new cases nine hundred thirty seven new cases in the state of Illinois of covert nineteen for a total of five thousand nine hundred ninety four so just under six thousand people in our state have the corona virus twenty six new deaths since yesterday so a total of ninety nine people have died in Illinois and you just heard Dr Izzie Kay said that the majority of people who are infected do not require hospitalization she says they did a recent survey of people who had called the nineteen and are now recovered and all of the people who responded to the survey forty eight percent have recovered she also says eighty percent of the people who have this do not need a critical care the big news from today is that governor JB Pritzker is extending the stay at home order that order was set to expire on April seventh but Pritzker says that this is been an extraordinarily difficult journey cascading consequences way on him every day and he says because the number of cases has not peaked any doesn't think they're going to peak for a while that's why he is extending the stay at home order until April thirtieth by Pritzker does say that if he can he will end that stay at home order before April thirtieth but again he says he's going to be guided by data and the guided by the science he also talked about the situation with the Illinois department of corrections as you know a number of inmates at Statesville prison have corrupt the coronavirus and Pritzker says that right right now what they're looking at his the department of corrections is reviewing case files for low risk offenders older offenders people near the end of their sentence to try to see if they could release those people to ease the crowding situation in that state prisons he says that the state will not release anyone who is dangerous and you heard mayor Lightfoot also talking about how are the Essex hotel will be housing two hundred seventy four first responders these are of police fire paramedics who think that they might have been exposed to the corona virus and they don't want to risk infecting their family so they can stay at the hotel at six four two hundred seventy four rooms have been set aside for first responders the mayor also saying that we need volunteers if you would like to volunteer especially if you've got a medical background go to Illinois helps dot net so again governor Pritzker extending the stay at home order in Illinois was set to expire April seventh now it's going to go throughout the month of April through April thirtieth this is WLS let's go back now to the news conference the media without a medical fourteen say but I know he's out of the story I maybe got their baby at the last page of the background check on us connect almost gonna say they say but I hope that it must inform us young yeah you that call last way of us let Investec investing as soon as that in coastal place I got is go up though those boards to buy ciencia brigade as though that day is that an informant Westboro and focus and is still momentum is driven in line six young illnesses the that the host be last on last Cienciano knows are the most other K. L. D. stance mental socio I use our I see for for for gas and.

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