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Greetings and welcome everyone to another chief. PODCAST I am chief of course and in this session WanNa present a warning to all of you and in particular The men Minna von New and men who are very much interested in learning the way of I knew and what it is that we do in the warning learning is stop getting readings stop getting spiritual readings and it goes out to all of you that it goes out to you. Women that goes out to you mid stopped getting readings and I know that may sound You know a little unsettling melling coming from someone who has been So much of their life STUDYING IKA studying Venetian systems outside of Ifan as well and learning how someone like myself. WHO's been spending so much time learning how to be proficient and accurate Diviner of integrity nonetheless. Stop getting readings and I'm GonNa give you the short of it because many of you have lost a proper context for your own intuition mission and I said something. Recently I would recent segment where had spoken about The you know some of the issues with the feminization of men or the administration of males rather within certain environments armaments and you know had used even the Church environment for example where I had should that if you look at the different ways and methods worship that there's no distinction there's no real distinction between male and female and in fact the females especially when they get on the poll pit they tend to begin to behave masculine and males inside of that environment behave very effeminate so there is this this Unisex realization but more so leaning towards the effeminate because we do live in an effeminate driven society There's a there's a drive towards that so unfortunately a lot of that spirit is brought over into The Awakened Community of those who are seeking to dig into the the the Meta cognition that surrounds different religions religions or different spiritual systems in. What happens? is they still bring that that. Our reliance on this coating of spirit and spirituality even in language you know very ambiguous language universe spirit spirit you know not really pinpointing anything. Because you don't really have to be accountable so what happens is a lot of times as we get older when we're young our intuition is very sharp and when I say young. I'm even speaking preteen. Our intuition is pretty sharp and as we get older sometimes. We don't recognize that the context of our life is changing and when the context changes then our association to certain things is going to change as well but sometimes we don't recognize that at that association is changing. You know it's it's very similar to Sometimes we have. We're more committed to how we we do things. Then the reason that we began to do it in the first place. You know For me I travel pretty frequently and as a result sometimes I come into different spaces Whether they be other countries or sometimes just in the US different states. And sometimes you see things that are being done data just backwards backwards not working for the people in that place not working for the country. They're not working for the economy. That just not working and You might mention something like you know this is is this is causing an inconvenience Why don't we do it this way? Why don't we do it that way and I think sometimes people will say well here and so on so this this is how we do it here and so on so this is this is what's done and a Lotta Times? We Lucite over what should be done. And this is a very important leadership message And Men and women you both have opportunities to lead so when I say leadership don't immediately think of talking about the husband and or the man you know We all have different people to lead a women. Typically you have children to lead in younger women junior women women and men you have everyone else that falls underneath that to lead. So it's very important for you to be able to to know what your mission is. Common Question I ask a lot of times when I'm working with families. What is the mission? What is what is your vision as a family just a family vision and there is none so when there's no fishing when his no mission then you're you're more easily programmed because whatever program that you have should be based on the mission? I'll give you an example. I never intended tended to do any kind of podcast or anything like that or to even be noticed. You know when I first started on new which started as as something else I had a previous organization I used to use this phrase all the time and I would always say I desire to be the unseen reality and that was that was my my mantra. The unseen reality. You know so I always wanted to just work behind the scenes and I had some very the knowledge available individuals with me at the time and my desire was just to pretty much just create continue to create he platforms for them to be out front and for them to be kind of the spokes people if you will for this experience and That worked for a little while but then it stopped working and I could've kept trying going to make that work. Found some other people and continue that. But then you always have to check back in with the the Gut core of the mission and vision and division originally was to provide healing to the masters. You know As opposed to the masses but for those who work with other people for those healers who work with people in those spiritual warriors to really be able to provide tutelage to be able to provide a deep level of education and teaching and healing thing and comfort to those because as healers as leaders is chiefs. It's a very very very arduous job. When you really doing it and sometimes knives you can even Kinda find yourself on the edge of insanity dealing with some of the things that you have to to deal with and You know and sometimes sometimes you might even envy other people who you know Maybe don't have the same responsibility and you know and obviously you know everyone needs to respect. Everyone needs Moments where they can kind of retreat or get things off their chest or or whatever especially Salihi and that those positions so that was the mission so the mission dictated the programming. The programming was different having different. Different lecture series back then. We should do a lot of workshops and lecture series and things like that and win that began to be less than effective because of several different things. I could have said well but this is how we do things. We do. Lectures and this tonight and I could have been more committed to the way of doing things than being more committed to the actual vision. And and it's it's it's tricky because a lot of people a lot of organizations fall into that often This is why for young people. The church is boring or sometimes go into the Majdic is born. You know going to the shrine would mommy in and seeing Baba is boring because sometimes these people who run these experiences more committed to how we do things we gotta have announcement in an after announcements. There's NA then we have a message after message rate you know and you know it becomes that That first I piece of artwork that you know sometimes when you got your first apartment or or how you went out and you got yourself a piece of artwork and you know I. It worked perfectly for that space. It matched that environment of that first department or you know again that that first house but then what happens is that You get another house and then you bring it with you and it doesn't really fit but you bring it anyway because does does an astrologer there are memories connected to it. They're different experiences. And you used to seeing it and sing it makes makes you feel like you're at home and now you know you you go down your time line. You may be three or four homes in and you still carrying around a piece of artwork. Work that is now outdated. And maybe even a little beat up in unattractive you see and it might not even fit any environment arment but it's just what used to carrying around this is how our our seniors and our holders and our elders end up with a bunch of junk and their homes. This is how it happens. This is genesis of it trying to make always fit the new context. Even they don't fit you know. Mommy wants you throughout this big back TV I don't WANNA TV. You know how long it took me to buy the TB. I saved and saved have to have that I had the TV.

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