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Academic experience. Anyway, if you wanna go to college and have a college experience before you go to the NBA all four, but you're not gonna finish school. Anyway, if you're a one and done, you're always going back to school. So whatever path, you want to take to get there on fine with, then he comes from a family that believes in education, so I'm sure he will finish it, eventually when he's done playing finally Shaquille O'Neal played in six NBA finals during his nineteen year career in six different teams and he had a lot of teammates along the way. But there's pretty interesting streak that shack is going on here, and it's been continued by Danny green thirty six straight NBA finals have featured players who are once shacks teammates crazy, going back to nineteen Eighty-four until most recently Danny green list is really incredible. It's kind of bizarre while we were talking about this yesterday. It's five men in this league had been involved in eighty per seven percent of the final since the sixties Red Auerbach. Phil Jackson, Pat. Riley, Gregg Popovich. And Steve Kerr had been an eighty seven percent of the last sixty two finals. It is amazing. It's like any industry. You go to Silicon Valley, there's price six investors that are tied almost every one of these companies. That's just the way the world works is really bizarre. It is. It's great list, good stuff during the news. Well, that's the news. Thanks for stopping by heard lie. Coach of the raptors Nick nurse around the corner. That's coming up, be sure to catch live. Additions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern, nine AM Pacific on Fox Sports radio affects one and the iheartradio app..

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