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Walk he actually get some money in that game was a two and a half down to one game goes well under the total 210 finishing it just one ninety seven toronto no problem taking care of the magic 117 one o4 these the scorn and showing four seconds left saw have to wait on that because the total the reason waiting on that but they're going to cover regardless the raptors are on the road for the total went from two twenty and a half to two twenty one and a half and sitting on to 21 so i'm going to go and see if i can't get a get a i'm gonna go to another site here just to see if i can get a final on that game because at that ends right there i mean sometimes you see some of these middles and it's it is amazing and let me see if that daqing is a final it is 170 104 that is a fine so again one from two twenty and a half to two twenty one and a half and it lands on to 21 as to like that happens it's just crazy trust me feser cracking burgers guys would have had amid older he was somehow some way these guys they just they just seemed to push all the right buttons most of the time hawks at home take out the pacers as a four point dog wanna seven one or two game goes under the to thirteen and a half finishing a to nine celtics no problem they waste the charlotte hornets up there and beantown lane's seven and a half big win it by 28 when 34 106 game goes well over the to eleven finishing it to forty sons right now lead the grizzlies just twenty seven seconds left in memphis is games going to go under the total but phoenix is going to cover because they're gonna get a win it's one way to 100 phoenix twenty seven seconds left their 3point dogs in that game against crazier things have happened so now but not putting it.

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