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It's one of those things we in the mobile cornfield, and my best friend is a drummer. So that was incredible. Like a world class drummer. And so we would make music all the time together, but he lived like twenty minutes away and we didn't have cars, so you know, it'd be like weekends or whatever. So the rest of the time it was, like sorta had to teach yourself to play whatever instrument, you could get your hands. One person a one person band, and I remember getting a task GAM four track cassette, recorder, remember this giant back in the cost like four hundred fifty dollars, and I got one and and and you know, you know, using cassette tapes to make songs, and that's what I spent like most of my teenage years doing and I think that the thing I think about that now is the, I think all creative work sort of exists on a spectrum, and I think that anytime you spend doing something creative, like sort of builds up over the years. I think even now you know, even though my my you know, my job now isn't making music, but I feel like all those hours spent in a room. Room trying to make something exists where it didn't exist before I just feel like that time is never wasted. You know what I mean? I, I feel like all those hours of trying to figure out what it's like to make stuff just accumulates over time. And so I just don't think that anything's wasted. Yeah. So agree. I think it just it's like they're different channels, stimulate your, your brain, like in a different way. Almost I think so much creativity is pattern recognition absolute, and if you can you have sort like more more ways to come into that, you know, whether it's through music through sound through visual through words through, it's just like it's, it's more waste the brain to recognize differently and see how things go together. And I was someone who, like had remember seeing shel Silverstein 's bio on the back of lake where the sidewalk and whatever, and it was like he writes poems, draws pictures, and write songs and has a good time or something like that. And I was like, I want to be that person. I knew from a young age. I wanted to be somebody who did a lot of different things that was just that, that just like really appealed to me age. I wasn't I wasn't like, you know, like my buddy, I mentioned earlier, like he's been wanting to be a drummer since he was five and like new that, and I just never had that I wanna do like a bunch of different things..

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