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Spanish inquisition. Sketch that would work. I long maybe the cheese shop. She just job. It's not I think so. I'm not sure I really got through interesting to know. Gets you might have life. Yeah anyway so we'll get over there and it's a week a most extraordinary week of Stupa high-powered Sore American style. Filming in we the scenes did were night. We shot the upper west side. Whole streets were closed off and the huge lamps came just for me a meg to do a scene. And then we'd be doing during my words and she'll be doing this just absolutely colossal wonderful and amazing and makes husband that time was cut remember. Who would be but one of the big American stars who had a bit of a problem I think with juice anyway and he ring up rather in the middle not quite in the middle of a scene. But we're just waiting around how you doing manual. Hi honey and speak to Michael. Speak this mad cow. Great but don't quite quite quite something drinkable. Denny's Denny's Michael doing right. That's fine. I just wondering I'm talking to Dennis. Makes THEIR WAY? Do the huge lights all around us so when I heard that I was come Sam. Well new grabbing. You've been tell you attorneys just if I can't just break in in Brown blessed fashion and tell you how I found out. This was about sort of six months later. Starting on a serious called Hemingway adventure and for some reason decided to work with a new crew a new director I underst- director came round for the first meeting with me and the came to my house. And we'd just start the phone rings and I pick up the phone. I'll hi Nora. It's Nora C. Facing let's yeah I know. Oh Yup no no well. I KNOW UNDERSTAND. If it's not didn't work in the story terms like an understand the strategy so at the end to put the phone down there that was no reference. Oh what did she want to want to tell me? I've been cut from. You've got mail and very good friend of mine calls the still to this day calls the film you've got.

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