Hitler, Bianca, Sharon Tate discussed on The Adam Carolla Show


Wanna go in there advanced didn't wanna kill a kid why had boundaries born to didn't want to kill dogs what led hitler you know didn't kill bianca's dog what they're i mean didn't go it was there other places they didn't go to the lobby on were grocers right on some grocery stores yeah yeah yeah and she owned a nail nail place before believe it will end up at lobby onc i mean and was he trying to start a race war and if so that seems it seems like a weird mix of of households to attack yes very weird mix i mean why go into sharon tate's place that she was renting you know kind of a little bit of a hollywood scene if you will of a party place you know kind of strange mix of characters that were there not strange but certainly different from lobby janka which were much more down to earth not not business if you will not shutting not show business anyway area very different one from the other our in fact the little tidbit rosemary labianca had seen the headlines of what manson had done before she was killed when they picked up a paper or newspaper newspapers existed before before going into the house at night and apparently had exclaimed you'd almost cry like how could anybody be so cruel how many days before this is just a couple of days in between this was just happening very quickly in fact what had happened is tex watson and the girls tex watson is the one who actually you know did the murder yeah actually plunged the knife.

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