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Computer. Speaking of comedy, you went to a comedy show over the weekend. I saw your picture on Instagram. You were very close. Why was thrilled? I was so excited. There were two shows that night this was for Marc Maron, very famous comedian. And it was at acme. So I arranged to have dinner Donna Valentine went with me because if you do the dinner package, you get first priority of seating. And when you know the shows are going to sell out. That's the best thing to do go. Eat it sticks restaurant year. I see you get to sit in the front and then everybody else waits in line. So some people are two hours early to wait in line to get even closer. Why not just eat dinner there? Right. I didn't know what worked. Yes. So anyway, pick your seats. They picked they put us in the front can listen. I'm so excited and Donna Valentine was like I don't want to be in the front. He does she doesn't want to be seen. She doesn't want him to give her eye contact. She's two, and I don't know why I want I want them to talk to me like I wanted to look right into my papers. And you know, I'm there for the experience. I want to have Marc Maron talk to me a couple of times like we were off to the very side. But we're in the front, you know, and he directed his conversation looked right into our eyes. And I was all excited. I was like. In Don was like, oh, no, don't look. Oh my gosh. Admit little more with Donna Valentine do know saying to. Yeah. I it goes along with the whole I don't like to be embarrassed thing. Oh, no. I would be I would be but clinched the whole night worried. I don't even think I would be able to concentrate on his comedy because I would be worried that he would start poking fun at me really not that type of a comedian anyway as a clean comedian. I mean, he really is like I wouldn't say clean, but he's been sober for, you know, twenty years or something. So he has a lot of funny things about like how 'cause he used to do hard drugs. You know, so he's really into tea right now, and like the best kind of tea and tea bags and trading those, and he feels sort of like that it's like drugs. Giving his friends is extra like in in ziplock bags because he ordered to many online, and he's you know, he's just one of those guys that can pres genius. Honestly, he's just a comic genius. He's also very liberal. So there were a lot of things in there that he just crafted just so funny. And of course, he has a welcoming audience to that in Minneapolis on. I enjoyed myself. I thought it was a great show. He was featured in that great docu series that I've mentioned a few times on CNN the history of comedy. He was he was a couple episodes. And he has a lot of fans in the comedy community. Which is always a great sign. When other standups mentioned, you would appreciate you. And he has a lot of fans a lot of people referenced him and his success. And how he keeps his how he has kept his career going for so many years. So it's hard cast is the thing that makes most famous because it's like the biggest podcast out there. He's had Barack Obama on pretty much everybody, really. Oh, yeah. Is it a what's it called WTI f with Mark Sharon, he's been doing it for years and his IFC show is all about him as a podcast in him starting in his garage and everything so oh, wow. Oh, really in-depth. Great interviews, literally writing that down as you as you told me that was w t f. Okay. Glow to forget that. Yeah. There's another show. I need to watch. I I have not watched that yet darn it. Over the weekend. Stephanie March re tweeted a story that NBC news did Harry Smith the great Harry Smith was at the Minnesota state fair. Stephanie March was his tour guide around the fairgrounds. And I love Harry Smith's voice. He could narrate anything to me. But he added to the great press that the fair got this year. Here's a little bit of his story. I think the audio holds up listen to this. The Minnesota state fair is a big dang deal. Two million people came this year, the main attraction food. Shelton along with the.

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