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Absentee voting precinct that the TCF Center and in the downtown Detroit that is the discussion. I believe that the president was talking about. Had the T. C s dinner. All of the absentee voter ballots for Detroit are there and 71% of those precincts cannot be recounted because they have errors. And because they have errors, no one can recount them. They can't be recounted their flaws their heirs, they consider them hit clerical errors or technical flaws, but they need to be opened up. The boxes need to be open. That we can see and affirm the illegal activity that was going on at four. We were told by witnesses at 4 A.m. in the morning boxes of found salads from Detroit were brought in and tabulated. We were told by eye witnesses that people were seeing multiple ballots. Run through multiple times, but it may take a break and I want to get to our our friend. She's now become a viral rock star. After appearing on my TV show twice and she'd been phenomenal. Our friend Christina Karama is going to join us in a 2nd 809 41. Sean is her number. Look, He's a tough days. Pandemics. Let's see violence on the street. Now we're hearing whistle blower after whistle blow about real election fraud all around the country. It's very alarming, very chilling, and most of us like I need a night's sleep. Now I've been telling you about my love of all things my pillow dot com and I mean it my pillow dot com Sean Hannity Square News Braves breaks You'll hear the inside story that no one else has. Behind. The scenes chatter that the mainstream media doesn't even know about. This is Sean Hannity show. Use radio 9 21 047 have asked By now, you've heard me talk about my pillow. How It's changed my life. Mike Lyndall my pillow. He's the inventor been raving about all my polo products..

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