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It's a good thing. Yeah and I think this is going to be fun. I hope we really start seeing a lot of As everybody listens to this podcast or we watch this live thing that we did like. I said I'm going to put out pictures of all the slides so everybody can chime in on the fricken twitter feed but like I said I need to see your answer. He's I don't WanNa see. I'm not filtering through all fifteen slides on. I put up looking for your specific answers. May Sheet. Whether is a screen capture like you guys did or an actual piece of paper. And he's hat some kind of a list fans and I think this is going to be a fun thing announced who did it and who won and have you on a new episode coming soon. We'll figure that out once we know your schedule with our schedule and all that kind of good stuff and sit and sending those said. I'm really curious to see how everybody's quarantine madness goes through a blue jay drying in what kind of weird John Sense. We'RE GONNA get out of that like I just. I feel like we're GonNa see pictures of ace fairly really drunk. pictures of East junior like stuck in a tire swing and stuff like that. Do you guys remember the the name of the female Mascot Bluejays Yussef now? I do not know all right here. So here's your head I know this because I bought it for my daughter If Ace is the guy think of cards Queen Diamond There you go see now. Here's my own. The only thing I kept thinking was because you know it's bluejays. Guy Is named Ace being a rock and roll enthusiasts part time too. I was thinking of freely really. We'll kiss so and just for the record not a huge kiss fan. I just think it's funny. Neither am I so no no stay there all right. Well we And this blue jays like we usually do that do you. I'm good let's GO J. Let's go blue Jay too many buttons to collect Blue Fans? If you have not heard Brennan Panic car I myself Craig Barnes John Jaybird watching and you WanNa start something on your own. You can join us right here on the anchor dot. Fm Family and jump right in with whatever podcasting pleasures you want with a wonderfully free platform and Brennan does get any better than that. It doesn't get any better than that Craig. What's explain a little bit more? You have creation tools the light record and edit your pockets right from your phone or computer. That's pretty damn good isn't it? Yeah now the the fact that it just goes right out to the Internet. All the wonderful podcasting pleasure places as far as spotify apple itunes and all that kind of good stuff. One Stop Shopping and then they're even helping us get wonderful. Podcasts sponsors Brandon how one-stop shopping right. It is and you know what you can make money from your podcast to by being able to go through and there is no minimum listenership. All you have to do is sign up for dot us and you can make money. We've made money. Why don't you want to make money too? Yeah so far as it goes. You're only call to action here folks if you want your own podcast makes you download the free anchor dot. Fm APP or go to Anchor Dot F. M. on your web browser and get started right today until then keep listening to Jaybird watching..

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