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And she is mad at me and complaining and angry so we get to the show and the song that stands out for me. Was john burland right. As soon as she heard the solo of clarence playing junquera land. She was floored that was it for her. She became a fan instantly. And a for me that. Every time that i would hear clarence first of all i love bruce's performance on land but every time just hearing the saulo that clarence would do in jungle land that it was always Inspirational moving for me. I never it was always a highlight for me and other on that. I've always loved Is raising in the streets gal that that song the racing in the street and the fourth of july sandy that Those songs those are way off there for me. Those are great so we're going to wrap it up here. But i am going to have you back on again more because this has been a blast before i let you go. I gotta ask you mary question. So if you are A friend of marks may be one of his clients And you're listening to this and you don't normally listen to the podcast I and every episode with america question This came from a guy named jay armstrong. He is a honors. English teacher recently retired in the philadelphia area and he would always spend Every school year he would have his honors english class breakdown thunder road. Appoint david spend two days. He would look at all the imagery in the a point he would look at the lyrics talk about the you know the themes resist discussing what other points are similar and at the end of the two days he asks his class. Does mary get in the car. So mark that is your question. Does mary getting a car at the end of thunder road I would have to say yes. I would say yes How do there you go. What i love it. I don't know your polling is on that but I would sixty forty about sixty percents. Say that she gets in the car but about forty percent says she doesn't ask me the way versus waves. No no no. In fact. I have a shirt on my settlers. Bruce waste a website. It says the question isn't whether it's ways or waves is she getting a car If someone wants to reach you on are you on social media at all yes okay. Yeah so I am on facebook. People can connect with me. It's mark ton of t. o. n. o. f. f. I am on Let me see what my twitter is. let's see here. twitter k. Okay my twitter is at the grill. Mark it's n. e. g. r. i l. a. r. k. The reason it's grill mark is my other passion and my wife has which i also have to is We went to jamaica on our honeymoon in nineteen eighty three in jamaica. There is a beautiful part of the island. Which is called new grill beach. Aren't we went on our honeymoon and again we got hooked a soon as we went there. So we've been back to negro beach in jamaica over sixty times all how wonderful so again. When i get hooked on things i keep doing that. That is great that so that's why by if that negro mark on twitter lengthen Might lincoln i have a personal also have a business account On a financial advisor. Go ahead and give us your pitch about your website. Yeah yes Well my website is ton off financial dot com And what i do. I specialize in retirement income planning. But i also provide financial services ranging from A very knowledgeable insurance products such as life insurance disability insurance long term insurance in new itys. So i've been doing this for over thirty years. So what i do is i the services providing analysis for people regarding retirement planning or you know people might have question debate different insurance policies that they have. Are they good are they is their way to sell nine so that i've quiet throughout the country Yet people can find these There's various ways very good. alright mark. this was amazing. Thank you so much for spending time with me tonight. i will Send me the email me. A copy of the photo of the shirt include that We need to bring those shirts back. I've taken. I'm just saying that looks pretty. Good and Mark hopefully. I can meet you to show some time to do this again. We will do this again. I would love to have it listeners. You please stay safe. Go get vaccinated. Remember to bury your mass. Let's all be good to each other because that's how we're gonna get through this for now. Thank you mark. Thank you listeners. We'll talk to you soon. Goodbye doing a at times can be a one way conversation. And i hate that so please let me know what you like. And don't like about the work. I'm doing you can reach the podcast via email. At settlers in brusett The show is on twitter at settling. Bruce and my personal twitter is at jesse jackson. Dfw we have a website www settling bruce dot com from there. You can find links to other springsteen podcasts as well as other music themed podcast wherever page devoted to our own. Sob all star band. These are guests. 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